#WatsonsHair | Color Your Hair Bold!

DIY hair coloring has taken a whole new meaning for me since I have recently (just this year actually) conquered coloring my hair on my own. Once with Revia -and then, L'Oreal Excellance. And guess what? It is easy, cheap and it didn't damage my hair.

This is the exactly what Watsons Philippines want to know when they launched their "Color Your Hair Bold" campaign. Revel at the Palace was transformed into a runway for them to showcase popular hair colors lot of brands that will help make your hair color dreams come true!

Watsons also wanted us to experience the products they are selling off of their shelves so they had several booths for us to try. There's the hair coloring area, styling area and even nail art area for those of us who just styled and colored our hair prior to the event.

There they showed beauty enthusiasts like myself how easy it is to color your hair and match it with a style that would suit your daily life. But what is more interesting is their highlight of bolder, livelier colors that you can do yourself!

If you've been gushing over ash gray hair, grease-slick locks, unicorn inspired ponytail with all the colors of the rainbow, no fret Watsons got you covered with the new No. 1 hair coloring brand in Thailand, Lolane. I'm sure you've seen their sponsored posts on Facebook and maybe it got you excited to do them yourself. One of their stylist flew all the way from Thailand to give you neat trick to achieve this.

1. Great color comes with healthy hair.
2. Use daily treatments to keep hair soft and damage-free.
3. Go and don't be afraid to take bolder risks!
4. Enjoy your nee hair!!

My favorite hair stylist and overall fashion maven, Lourd Ramos of Creations Salon, showed how styling your hair can add mileage to your new color and keep it damage free. By using Tresseme Platinum strong, maintaining a colored hair is not as tough. The rich ingredients will even result to fixing your hair damage from two years ago! He notes that treating your hair shouldn't have to overdone. Apply a serum on the tips (where damage usually is found) and do this religiously to keep hair from frizzing and split-ends.

Matt Gozun, stylist to The Vice Ganda, shared that your hair is a fashion statement! Bolder hair is actually a jump start to try on different types of trends and color palette that you would usually veer away from. So go ahead, the courage to change your hair may be the start of something fun and exciting when it comes to your wardrobe, too!

One of my the beauty mavens I look up to in the magazine world, Charmagne Laconico, shared the latest beauty trends in beauty and hair color and how to make both something we can do on our own.

The highlight of the event was the launch of the 6 brave women who changed their hair color that would suit their lifestyles. They took to the runway to show us their new hair colors!

And awesome promo awaits you when you shop at Watsons! You get a chance to win a P700,00 shopping points when you shop with SM Advantage Card for every P500 single-receipt purchase of any Haor Color Treatment, Styling and other Color Care products! Three winners of 50,000 shopping points and forty winner of 10,000 shopping points as consolation prize. How exciting is that?

Now, isn't it about to conquer your hair coloring fears and do it yourself!

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