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I was talking to my cousin last weekend and as always, our conversation, no matter how deep it is, will always always turn to makeup. LOL! She found herself experimenting with different shades of lipsticks lately and realized that pinks look great on her. She's morena with supple plump lips who used to stay away from the rosier shades of lipsticks and I'm glad that she finally see the potential of this color.

And look what landed on my desk a few days later! L'Oreal Star Velvet Pinks from their Color Riche lipsticks collection. This post is for you, Ditse!

Jasmine | Nymphea | Fuchsia |  Camellia | Primrose | Iris | Rose Lotus 
There are 7 shades available in the L'Oreal Star Velvet Pink Color Riche Collection. It's a carefully curated set that will have all the shades to suit any skin tones. Personally, every skin color can pull off each of the seven shades. Our skin color should never dictate what shades suits us, right? But just in case you're scared to experiment, L'Oreal has awesome recommendations for each skin tone.

Like it's crimson predecessor, Velvet pinks is housed in a shiny patent black lipstick packaging. As always, I love that L'Oreal Paris Makeup doesn't compromise their design. Their lipsticks always felt a bit more luxe than other brands and yet comes affordably priced.

For fair skin tones:

L'Oreal Velvet Pink in Jasmine

Jasmine is a sexy pink nude shade. It's borderline peach actually. I like that it is almost like my favorite nude lipstick, MAC Peachstock. I don't believe in limiting yourself with lip colors but if you're scared, try this out with bolder and smokier eyes. Don't forget to color and contour your cheeks to give your face additional. Nude lipsticks tend to flatten out your face so it helps to contour.

L'Oreal Velvet Pinks in Primrose

Primrose is definitely a bright pink peach lip color. It's a happy shade for sure that you can wear everyday. Though recommended for fair skin, this fun shade will look great on a green smokey eyes and peach cheeks.

L'Oreal Velvet Pinks in Camellia
Camellia is your proverbial Hot Pink Lipstick with blue undertone. Bright, energetic, and loud. If this is your current mood, all you need to have are well-defined eyes (winged out that liner!) and soft pink cheeks. This shade is ready to party, just in case you are, too!

 For Medium skin tones

L'Oreal Velvet Pinks in Iris
Iris, a red-pink tone, is exactly the perfect shade if you love red lipsticks. It's not my immediate pick but if you're so used to wearing red lipstick and want something new to try a still want something familiar, this is it for you. What great about pink lispticks with red undertone is that it makes the teeth loo white and the whole face, more maaliwalas.

L'Oreal Velvet Pinks in Fuchsia
It couldn't get more pink than Fuchsia. This is probably one of the best shade to get if you are a pink newbie. It's good for everyday wear, for parties and for perking up the mood. A shade like this is very flexible, not to mention that it can be worn by any skin tone.

For deeper and golden skin tones:

L'Oreal Velvet Pinks in Nymphea
Nymphea is a nice warm pink lipstick that everyone loves right now. Personally, this is my favorite! It's warm so it suits my yellow skin tone but really this will match anyone. Call it an MLBB shade that makes me want to wear it all the time.

L'Oreal Velvet Pink in Rose Lotus

Rose Lotus is the darkest, a deep mauve shade of lipstick, that's so on trend right now. If you want a bit of personality in your lipstick, you got it right here. It's pretty much a bold statement color and you're sure to get all the attention when you wear this shade.

Texture-wise, you can never go wrong with L'Oreal's Color Riche Star Velvet collection. They glide smoothly on to the lips, covering wrinkles and has that perfect velvety matte feel. It oesn't feel draggy at all , rather it's buttery smooth but stays on quite well. Though not famous as a long-wearing lipstick, you'll be gratesful for it's hydrating and creamy properties. For Php400 for each tube, you're surely to get your money's worth with each tube.

My picks: Nymphea, Rose Lotus and Jasmine

Jasmine | Nymphea | Fuchsia |  Camellia | Primrose | Iris | Rose Lotus 

Jasmine | Nymohea | Fuchsia | Camellia | Primrose | Iris | Rose Plum

Jasmine | Nymphea | Fuchsia |  Camellia | Primrose | Iris | Rose Lotus 
Like most of you, I was also scared to try pink lipsticks during the first years I was getting into makeup. It seemed far-fetched that it would look good against my Pinay skin. But the beauty world and the beauty blogging community back then is so encouraging. Left and right I saw more and more Filipinas try it and I couldn't help myself. Soon I was partnering my smoky eyes with milky pink lips. It even came to a point that my everyday lipstick is from the blush family.

The recommendation above are a good way to start to dip your toes in the world pinks. But seriously, forget above your skin tone and go for what you feels good for you. Try it, swatch it and play around with it! The possibilities are endless!

It's time to try something new, don't you think?

L'Oreal Velvet Pinks are available at all L'Oreal makeup counters at only P400 each.

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  1. Hi there !
    Nymphea has got to be my favorite of all ! :) I like nude mauvey colors but in this range this one seems to be the only one with nudish tones !



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