Bath Time Fun Time with Cetaphil Baby

Many would think that bath time would be one of the trying tasks as mom but the truth is, I love it! My cute little bunny-boo (who just turned two this week) and I always look forward to this daily water activity that makes me think I must given birth to a mermaid 🐬! So I make sure that she only uses safe, gentle and dermatologist-approved products. Stay far too long in her tub and splashing water all over the bathroom, gotta make sure I keep her skin from drying and getting irritated

And that’s where Cetaphil Baby comes in.

What we are using up to this day is the Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo and the Cetaphil Baby Shampoo.

Isn't she a cutie? 👧🏻 Told ya she loves bath time! How lucky can I get right?

Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo

Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo is a double-duty cleanser. This 2-in-1 baby wash and shampoo will cleanse your baby's skin from head to toe. It contains glycerin which help retain moisture on to your baby's skin and panthenol that's known to present in all living cell. Panthenol immediately penetrates the skin to provided added moisture and hydration.* The formulation is tear-free so you don't have to worry about irritating your baby's eyes. Don't worry though, this formula still lathers so there's the sensory play you do with the bubbles. And it smells amazing! Nakakagigil ang amoy talaga ng baby na super bango!

Another good selling point is the packaging! Children grows up so fast that one time they're immobile in their tub then the minute they are spraying you with the shower head. So many times that I cam out more drenched than Claud. 😆 The easy-to-open upside-down easy-to-grip bottle makes this product easy to dispense and hold. You know how crazy bath time can get pretty soapy and slippery hands is a hazard. With the Cetaphil baby Wash and Shampoo, the easy-grip tube allows for faster access to the product. It's so ergonomic, noh?

Babies are prone to sensitivities and their skin are usually the first victim. We can't keep them from harm forever but using hypoallergenic products that do not contain parabens, colorings, harsh cleansing ingredients, and mineral oils (studies show that most babies are allergic with this ingredient but it is commonly found on most baby care products)! It also doesn't contain animal origin ingredients which can be full of allergens.

Don't make a mistake of using your soap on your child since many feminine products like soap and lotion may contain estrogen. This is not good for your babies.

Cetaphil Baby gentle Wash & Shampoo Ingredient List

What to do with all your baby's hair?

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

If your little chikiting have an abundance of it like mine, my doctor still advised to use a gentle baby shampoo. Don't worry about dry hair or conditioning since baby shampoo are formulated to be safe and gentle. Our chice at the moment is Cetaphil's Baby Shampoo that contains Natural Chamomile. Chamomile is known for it's anti-bacterial and skin calming properties. Though you won't smell it is this shampoo formulation, I notice that Claud's hair maintains it's bouncy curls with every use.

Using shampoo is important for Claud's over-all cleansing. With the heat bearing down on us, sweat is our enemy. I don't ever want Claud smelling like sweat and amoy-araw. What I noticed about Cetaphil Baby Shampoo is that the scent stays on all days and even if the scent fades depending on how active she is, still that fresh-smelling scent lingers until bedtime!

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo Ingredient List

Bath time is really one of the best times to bond with your baby. This is a great time to teach her about the different body parts, to learn how to open the faucet, use the shower and teach colors through her bath toys. This, while I make sure she's clean and fresh-smelling using only a #MothersLovingTouch! Every moment is a time to bond, to show through touch that I love her and will care for her. Soon, these moments will come to past and she will learn it and do it all by herself.
I want to show her the proper way of taking care of herself as much as she can because I know that whatever I do will stay with her for a long time. That's the magic with mother's touch! It stays with you forever!

I say this because my mother did the same things. It was mostly my mom who took care of me and she was the reason why I take bath time rituals seriously myself even to this day. I want to pass this on to my child so she would grow up knowing she was cared for and so she must not settle for anything less. My mom used to boast all the products she used on me, saying they were top of the line and best for babies. It made me feel important, worthy and that's exactly how I want Claud to feel when the day comes I tell her that I only use the best for her.

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