#OnFleek | Browhaus Makeup Line Review

Browhaus got to be the most reliable brow expert in the country. Discovering them back in 2010 made me realize that I wasn't giving my brows justice. I didn't kno how much I've been until I left both of my brows in their capable. Now I feel like I owe it to them why i still have thick brows that makes you look younger than I really am! And now that thick and fuller brows are on trend, I'm so happyg that I don't have to make much of an effort with mine.

So when they came out with a makeup line, initially with the eyeliner and mascara, I was impressed with the consistency and results. They really deliver! Of course they would come out with brow products of their own! 
And do you know what they it?

They call their makeup line, #WeaponsofMassSeduction!

Presenting Browhaus' Makeup Products!
(drum roll please!)

Browhaus Classic Brow Led | P678

With all the kinds of brow products available in the market now and with the number of shades and forms they come in, Browhaus chose to stick with the classic one. Aptly names, Classic Brow Lead Pencils, these products do rightly by you. Going back to what works and making it in a 24 hour lasting formulation that would enhance your brows groomed by Browhaus, you'll be able to create brows worthy of a #nofilter instagram selfie.

The consistency of the the Classic Brow Lead pencils are a little bit more waxy that regular brow pencils. This type keeps the brows in place all day. It took me about 3 to 4 times to get used to using this kind of brow pencil but I understand that this provides a softer, more stay-put effect. Other brow pencils only provide color to fill sparse areas, Brow Lead Pencils does that and keep the brows in place for that #onfleek effect. And with a brush or two with the spoolie provided at the other end of the pencil, you now have a softer, more natural looking brows that won't budge all day.

And how nice of Browhaus to include a sharpener to make our lives easier and thinking ahead of our needs?

Classic Brow Lead Pencils comes in three shades: Blone, Asphalt, Brown.
I use Brown at the moment as it suits my dark brown hair.

Borwhaus Precision Eyeliner | P750

I love liquid liners and I have high expectations whenever a new one comes my way. I certainly had them when Browhaus sent over their Precision Eyeliners. And I'm happy to report that it is a newbie friendly for the following reasons:
  1. Felt-tip applicator makes it super easy to the eyes! You can do winged eyelook with this in a jiff even if you have shaky hands.
  2. It's super pigmented and this is exactly what you want in an eyeliner to accentuate your eyes and make them appear bigger.
  3. It stays on for hours! 24-hours to be exact. No kidding

Our lash line is soft and sensitive and what you want in an eyeliner is a no-fuss soft and precise that will give that coveted cat-eye effect. That's exactly what Browhaus came up with with their Precision Eyeliner and it comes in Black and Brown shades. You can enhance your peepers quick and easy with these two!

I use this like I use my previous liquid liners. It dries fast so no scary transfer on the lids, and the swipe is love! With enough practice for new users, you'll be winging your eyes in seconds when you use this!

What I do is flatten the felt tip on the lash line and drag it softly and slowly from inner to the other lash line. Laying down the whole length of felt-tip gives better control rather than doing it using the pointed tip. The tip would come in handy when you're winging it out to create the cat-eye flick.

Browhaus HD Mascara | P998

Browhaus HD Mascara is on top of all the mascaras I've tried! The reason for this is the formulation and the brush they came out with. 

The formula is made with clay minerals, making it both pigmented that coats the lashes well. The wand long bristle on side and another side that is short. This two side of bristles deliver the right amount of product where your lashes need them.

To achieve a really volumized lashes, use the short bristle side of the wand to deposit the product close to the lash line and mid-way to your lashes. The short bristle catches more products from the tube and transfer is onto your lash line and lashes.

Immediately, you'll notice your lash line thickening! What I do is apply even on my upper water line and slowly ease it out to the lashes. It's like tight lining but with the mascara. You can't do this with a regular wand. The short bristles of one side of HD mascara achieves this effect. And you know what? This is better than tight lining because the product is waterproof! No fear on getting panda eyes effect at the end of the day.

Now, to extend lashes, use the longer bristles. This side of the band combs of the excess product for a clean, longer, more curled effect! This ensures no clumping or spider-y results. What I also love is that the formulation do not weigh down my lashes. Rather, my lashes remain fuller, longer and curly!

Products used:
Browhaus Classic Brow Led in Brown
Browhaus Precision Liner in Black
Browhaus HD Mascara

I'm really impressed with Browhaus' Makeup Line, particularly the eyeliner and mascara. It's at par with some of the high end brands I've used in the past. I think the reason they came out with this is to become a one stop shop for all your eye-enhancing need. They have also included lash treatments and procedures that I'm looking forward to try in the coming weeks.

These products are really worth the shot! If you think brows are intimidating, you gotta head to Browhaus and have it groomed. I find that it's the quickest  way to shape and fill in brows after I've had all the unnecessary hairs threaded off because they gave me a great shape to follow/trace. And they really won't overdo the threading and will teach you how to do your brows, too! It's so awesome they now have their own line of makeup. You can leave Browhaus armed with weapons they created so you have great looking brows where ever you go!

And prices are not bad ha? For an international brand, I think it's priced fairly for the amount of product and quality that you get.

Now where to get them! Browhaus is located at Megamall, Serendra, Lucky China Town Mall, Greenbelt 5 and Abreeza, Davao. If you want more information, visit their facebook page.

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