Our Summer Weekend at Wilson's Place Tagaytay

Wilson's Place became our home last weekend. Located in a far more private part of Tagaytay, it was exactly what we needed as a family. Raquel, who manages Wilson's Place, was nice enough to plan our overnight stay and I was happy to leave it all in her expert hands.

B&B With a Resort Vibe

When we stepped foot inside Wilson's Place, the openness and airy space just made it more easy to relax. I love it there!
With its huge space, Wilson's gives a resort-like vibe. But once you enter the lobby and dining area (even the rooms), you're greeted with vibrant interiors and eclectic furnishings that inspires you to redo your own home. A modern age B&B is how I would describe Wilson's.

Formerly known as Bakasyon Grande (which I was not familiar with), Wilson's Place became a popular venue for family outings, retreats and team building. The place can accommodate 30-40 people with rooms to spare. Naturally, as a bed and breakfast, they only serve breakfast meals and have recently served dinner as well. They serve food similar to Balay Indang. Hats off to Chef Christopher for the awesome breakfasts and dinner he served us!

To be honest, going up to Tagaytay on weekends is not as exciting as it used to be. The traffic and commercial places made it feel like I never left Manila. And you only get the cool breeze of being up in the mountains during the evenings. During the day, you're either stuck in traffic or looking a for parking space. 

That's why Wilson's Place was the best choice us, Cala-ors, during the Holy Week Weekend. We didn't have to leave the place because they serve good food, there's an awesome Olympic-size infinity pool and a lot of space for my toddler to enjoy. There's a speedy FREE WIFI and there are a lot of spots you can take solace in to either reading a book or just to close your eyes and enjoy the cool fresh air.

A new addition is this scarlet thrones that has a feel of Game of Thrones.

One of the nicest spots is these duo chaise lounge with Rubenstein baby piano.

The second floor have displays of artworks by one of the sons of Wilson's. I love that the family nurture their children's artistic talents.

The second floor has few small rooms that can accomodate 2 to 4 people.

My favorite part is this! Don't you just love the light coming in from the tall glass window. I could spend hours just reading here.

The dining area is huge! This is where everyone converge for breakfast and dinner since food is served at a specific time. With soo much space to roam around in Wilson and how nice the rooms are, this is where you'll find out na ang dami niyo palang guests staying inside in! Gotta love the privacy of Wilson's because you barely notice your neighbors and fellow guests.

What makes Wilson's Place great is that it reminds me a little bit of my childhood, making the place new and homey to my eyes. Walking around the place as it makes you feel rightly at home. None of that intimidating presence of a hotel. The beauty of a bed & breakfast is making the guests feel as if they are in their own homes, to which Wilson's Place was able to do in this huge 3,000 sqm land.


The pool itself is the major highlight of Wilson's, the focal point of the place and where families definitely get together. No thanks to global warming, Tagaytay is not the usual cool city especially in the afternoons. The sun will bear down on you and what better way to enjoy the heat than to swim in this great pool til your skin are all wrinkly.

We have a mermaid in the making! Claud loves the water and she can't get enough of it! It's still hard to take photos with her so we barely have a family picture during our trip. She's fast becoming independent and she's eager to try new things. Even during her swim, she wants to be by herself! It's probably time to look for a class to enroll her in to harness her skills and where she can spend that boatload of energy! We barely could keep up with our little energizer!

There's a sitting area and the bathrooms and showers are located in there.

More spaces to cool off.. :)


The rooms are nicely designed and equipped with a firm mattresses and pillows that doesn't flatten easily. Their pillow provisions were the best I've had, even better than 5-star hotels and each bed had 4 regular-sized pillows. More than enough for our group of 3 1/2. The brands for appliances are also top-notch. TV wasn't so difficult to operate which came in handy when the toddler needed disctracting! The bath and toilet area is spacious there were enough toiletries, too.

She immediately found her spot.


Wilson's Place do things differently when it comes to serving meals. Let me come right out and tell you, leave it all it their hands. There is no menu (although you can ask what they will serving), but your family will definitely be full! Build that appetite swimming or walking around the B&B. In the popular Filipino term, "Di ka mapapahiya sa pakain." is what Wilson's Place try to live by. I've heard people were turned off with set menu thinking it's won't be enough to for their party. Well, Wilson's knows the science behind proper meal proportion and they are experts in it! Ikaw ang susuko for sure.

This is us about to enjoy our dinner! Kakaligo lang namin and we were really hungry after spending time at Yoki's Farm. That wrapped thingy on the right is soooo good! Parang Peking Duck sa Heat Shangri-la ang lasa! I'm not sure what it's called but it's good!

Wilson's Place serves an assortment of dishes every mealtime. You have about up to 5 dishes to enjoy, including dessert.

For dinner, we were served Chicken Cordon Bleu, one of my favorite dishes. One slice was enough for me but it was so yummy, we went for seconds. Di namin na ubos ung lahat ng nasa plate. My husband loved the shrimp balls coated with cornflakes and the Tuyo Pasta while the daughter and I loved the mushroom soup! Claud had 3 bowls of the mushroom soup. Buti na lang di kami pinabayad. Hehehe! And the rice! The fried rice is sooo good!

Think of Wilson's like favorite tita's place where you have no clue what food she'll prepare basta sure ka na masarap to the point na susuko ka sa busog and yet she still comes out with the dessert. 

Our breakfast was just as good and filling! Being a breakfast person, this was the deal maker for me. There's Tuna Omellete, Beef Tapa, Tuna Sandwich with a thin slice of apple (masarap pala ung tuna with apple in it!), and of course, hot hot kapeng Barako. Ang sarap! 

Again, don't underestimate the food of Wilson's. They serve generous portions and it's really really good! Can't stress that enough.

The staff were nice and attentive to our needs during meals. But with all the food served on the table, we also didn't need to server hovering on us. 

There's a massage room. Masseuse are outsourced so if you include a relaxing massage in your stay, call ahead to schedule.

There's a spacious conference room located at the far end of the B&B.

I love this part of Wilson's. Lakas maka-Bora vibe.

Ang hirap talaga ng makulit na baby! Attempt taking a decent photo of her NO. 11238347.

Wilson's Place proved to be a spacious home away from home. An overnight stay in this B&B is exactly what we needed as family to revive us this Summer. I'm really bad at travelling that's why you barely see me going anywhere. Wilson's though is now on my top places to go back when I want to get away from all stress of Manila. Especially now that I know that Waze can save me from the awful San Pedro traffic congestation.

And you really can't beat the price of their overnight stay!

OVERNIGHT STAY with Dinner and Breakfast, air-conditioned room, free amenities and use of swimming pool.

Petite Rooms (good for 2 persons)  - P5,000
  • Violet, Lemon, King, Rook Room,
Regular Rooms (good for 2 persons - P5,500
  • Lime, Red, Classic, Mint Room
Family Rooms (good for 4 persons) - P8,500
  • Aqua, Wood, Rose, & Olive
*Extra person, 1,700/head (inclusive of mattress, dinner and breakfast). Plus 5% Service Charge. For more information about their rates, menu and promos, visit their Facebook Page or call +639158645706.

If you have plans of going to Tagaytay anytime soon, I recommend using Waze. I got mine free as an app on my iPhone Plan from Smart and it helped a great deal in having a worry-free drive. Using it, it directed us to Carmona Exit, diverted us from the awful traffic of the weekend and our drive up took only 2 hours! It was same going home, too!

This B&B is definitely a gem and we look forward to going back! This is exactly what a vacation should feel like. An experience of both new and familiar, fresh air and food with modern amenities. If you want the same for yourself and your family this Summer, better book your stay at Wilson's Place!

Here are Snapchats during our trip!

Wilson's Place Bed & Breakfast is located at Maglabe Drive, Tagaytay. 
Take Carmona Exit to avoid the San Pedro congestion. 

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