Avon 24K Gold Medium Palette Review and Swatches

Everyone I've shown the Avon 24K Gold Medium Palette were impressed. You know me, I love palettes. I've been collecting them for years and have always shown partiality towards them than single shadows. They are handy, compact, convenient and easy to travel with. 

The new 24K Gold Medium Palette exceeds expectation. I was expecting chalky, subpar quality o shadows but for Php799, you are getting more than your money's worth. These shadows are surprisingly pigment and definitely not chalky. Like most Avon palettes, these are all-in-one that includes a few glosses and blushes. Enough to create a whole makeup look.

What to love are definitely the colors they have included in this new set. The bold colors reminded me of Urban Decay Vice Palettes. There's a good mix of neutral and bright shades. So depending my mood, I can either go for the browns and golds or go for the blues and pastels. Note though that the palette do not contain any matte shades. But you won't miss it. I was able to create a neutral makeup look that could pass for a strict office environment with the beige and brown. The glitters are no chunky and are actually easy to blend.

I can go without the glosses since I'm not a gloss girl at the moment but they certainly did come in handy to plump up the lips a bit. The blushes is subdued but enough to give me rosier cheeks. For my medium fair skin, I did particularly liked the bottom shade. 

What to love:

1. Price!! It's now only Php 699!
2. Looks similar to Urban Decay Vice Palette
3. Has 5 glosses (4 of them you can actually use everyday)
4. It contains 2 blushes to can mix together or use it separately
5. Quality shadows, great pigmentation - not chalky.
6. Great color selections - subdued look or experiment all you want, you can definitely achieve any look with these shades.
6. The packaging - thin, lightweight and easy to store.

What not to love:
1. none!

Check out the swatches below1

Eyeshadow swatches

Lipgloss swatches

Blush swatches

You can get the Avon 24K Gold Medium Palette at Avonshop.ph or call your Avon Lady!

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