A Little Bit of Me | Claud's First Birthday

This is a long overdue post but when I started writing about this day, it was not exactly to how thought I would write it. In the most unexpected way, it started during a creative writing challenge that had me writing about my facebook profile photo.

This was the photo I had back then. Be warned, this post got a bit of drama in it. But there are loads of photos from Claud's first birthday party and I wish to share those with all of you. At the same time, I hope you get something out of this story.

With the many number of photos I have on my memory cards, phones, and hard drive, I chose a simple family photo of me, Ron and Claud during her birthday. It was taken when we getting our photos taken at the photobooth and our photographer just happen to take capture it. With all the fast-paced schedule of the day, we nearly forgot to get our photo taken at the booth!

To be honest I still can't believe na nairaos namin ang first birthday ni Claud. To think that I didn't want to celebrate it at all. The husband was actually the one who insisted we celebrate Claud's birthday. Well, him and many of Claud's godmothers (my FK sisters). And it took a lot of convincing just so I would say yes.

Of course, I knew how important this milestone is and that it should be celebrated. Blame it on my own personal issues because I was disappointed with how my mom is not with us to celebrate it and my father couldn't even give a damn about it because he had his own situation to deal with. Suffice it to say that I let my issues get the best of me. That and that money was tight and we were barely scraping by with our income. It didn't help as well that Claud's grandfather (my dad) didn't encourage the party at all. Deep down, I was hoping he will be supportive as my mom would have. I was just so sad that Claud didn't have the doting grandparents I thought she would have. Which ultimately made me miss my mom more because I knew for sure that if she was here and alive, she would be front and center at planning this special event and that she would do everything in her power to give Claud the best first birthday party ever.

The photo became reminder that God will take care of us no matter what. It's a testament to His miracles happening everyday and the clear fact that you can grasp it with both hands. Many people helped us to make Claud's birthday more special than it already is and I know God wrote me a difficult beginning to prepare me for this day.

Ron, the ever doting father, took care of the restaurant. We did it at McDonald's Blue Ridge which had me reminiscing my own party way back. You'd think that celebrating a first birthday at fastfood joint would be too simple but boy was I wrong. We had an awesome host who kept everyone entertained. Blue Ridge has a playpen that entertained my nieces and nephews so their parents didn't have to watch them over as much. We had the whole second floor. The food was as expected, filling and yummy at an affordable cost! And we had two mascots! Hamburglar and Grimace graced Claud's birthday party. Simple, yes, but it was loads of fun!

Pampers and Fuentes Manila gifted us with the photographer so we can capture Claud's many firsts that day! Scholastics Philippines gave us lots of books for giveaways which the guests enjoyed so much. We placed stickers at the back that allowed them to personalize their books.

Best Day Ever Events & Styling took care of wrapping all the giveaways and all the souvenirs. As a gift, Alma (she owns Best Day Ever and Godmother to Claud) also designed a milestone table for Claud that included many of Claud's first things. Looking at it that and even now as I look back at the photos, I cant help but tear up! 

By the grace of God, miracles indeed happened when I was able to procure a face painter and a photo-booth for that day!

Claud is blessed with awesome godmothers because Ninang Jheng paid for Claud's cake which was made by the talented baker, The Dough Puncher. While Ninang Kathy took care of her smashcake photoshoot! Her FK ninangs helped through out the whole event especially when things got away from me... we could never have pulled things off without their help!

God chose to take away a lot of things I held dear and took people that truly cared for me but He has given me so much more after that.

Every time I see a glimpse of that  profile photo - because we really don't pay that much attention to it after we have posted it - I am reminded of that joyous day. I was wrong in thinking that celebrating first birthdays was a waste of money because Claud wouldn't remember it anyway. Now I realize that it was a celebration of making it as parents to this awesome little person who brings us so much happiness. It's a way of saying thanks to the Lord for entrusting this beautiful angel to us.
Our celebration was simple, didn't even cost much, but what it brought us so much more! The memories and laughter, of warm well wishes frompeople who matters to us most made this occasion - as the commercial would say - Priceless!

We are not a perfect family and I don't think we will ever be. I won't be able to give Claud all the luxury in the world, but I can always look back on that day and be motivated that nothing is impossible when your life is full love, faith, and friendship.

Our deepest gratitude to everyone who was part of this special and the people who who helped and supported us to make it happen!

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