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If you liked the movie, don't even bother reading this. If you haven't watched it yet, don't read na rin. I can't promise na walang spoilers.

First off, I wasn't really that excited to watch  A Second Chance because there were hardly any sequel that lived up to its predecessor. Tama naman ako, di ba? One More Chance pa ang balak sundan? Why? What's the point? Okay na na tayo na lang mag imagine kung ano amg happily ever after ni Popoy at Basha. Let us be with our own fanfiction. 

But then, it's always in the back of our heads that even if they do come out with a sequel, we will still watch it. And being the lover of Pinoy movies that I am, go lang go! Watch lang ng watch.

So eto na nga ang aking reaction and review of the movie!

Hindi siya para sa mga #titasofmanila. Half of the things they were fighting about were not realistic for a truly married couple. Specially if you're the kind of woman who snoops (if you don't, then welcome to #TeamBasha.) Eh di lalo na kung FBI ka, (Facebook Investigor). There are things that your husband or wife can hide from you but things that Popoy was able to hide from Basha, again, not realistic. And no sane woman would put up with that kind of treatment without making any reaction for straight two years. I know I can't. Matanda na lang siguro ako kaya ganito reaction ko.

Another thing, unlike with One more Chance na dama mo na pwede mangyari sayo ung nangyari kay Popoy at Basha (kasi naman who here at one point didn't want to get back with an ex or still trying to??? And hello naman ang Closure moment nila dun di ba?), A Second Chance seems like a lazy narrative of trying to make dramatic moments for the sake of a social media reaction. Which they were successful in doing but sadly fell short during the whole film. I was waiting for the wow moment that would make me "hikbi". Wala. I was wondering na tuloy if I'm dead inside because John Lloyd's tears didn't move me na. Anyare, di ba? But there were snippets that made me tear up, laugh and sigh.. But the whole film.. Zzzz.

Suffice to say, the movie should be named either "We Didn't Learn From Our Past Failed Relationship" or "10 ways to Complicate Your Marriage." Pwede ring "Bakit Tayo Nga Ulit?"

The story did not reflect however on the great performance of the actors in the film. Galing na galing pa rin ako kay John Lloyd at Bea. But (yes, another but!) unlike other people, I kind of felt that they should have switched the attitudes of the characters to add a bit of spice. Make Krissy and Kenneth the not-so-levelheaded couple because more than 10 years of marriage can change perspective. Nakakapagod at di na rin realistic na sil ang forever beg na perfect couple. I wish they rattled the barkadas' personalities a bit. I would have liked Anj to be smarter and less haughtier. But that's just me. 

Wala rin akong masyadong hugot lines nakuha sa movie unlike with One More Chance na even in cooking, making poo-poo eh may magagamit at magagamit kang pang meme. Bitin is the word I would describe the movie but not in a good way. There were a few but none that made its mark yet. Probably I need to watch 10 times before ako may maramdaman.

Even the ending was wanting. It made me feel as if I want to give up on the Popoy and Basha relationship altogether. I know, it's sad. I really want to like - no, love, the A Second Chance. Pero wala.. It left me pagod, hopeless and parang napipilitan.

Pero again, there a lot of good parts in the movie. Holistically, this is just my reaction on the film. There are moments in it naman that made me go "aww!". #kilig

Don't worry though, I didn't feel robbed of P400 naman (because we watched it at BGC Central Square). Pero sana wala ng A Third Chance.

Don't hate me for being honest with how I feel about this film. This is from the girl who watched One More Chance countless times and believe me, I am surprised that I didn't love the movie, too.

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