The Body Shop | Feel Good Christmas Shopping

One thing is for sure, there is always something for everyone and anyone at The Body Shop.

For more than a decade, The Body Shop is the first stop for my Christmas shopping needs. I give them to friends, family, classmates, teachers, co-workers and naturally, to myself. Did I tell you that the iconic Lip & Cheek Tint was my very first foray in using makeup?
We all played with our mom's makeup kit when we were little, but it was in college when I saw my aunt apply this wonder wand to her cheeks that gave her the rosiest blush that made me love makeup! Since then, I was hooked! So I practically owe it to The Body Shop why I am now a beauty blogger! More so that my mom was such a huge fan of their body care line.

The Body Shop products created wonderful memories for me. There are so much love to feel whenever I would come in to the store because it reminds me of the closeness the women in my family and I have and how this brand linked us together more..

In a box, there's soo much to share. I love it when a friend whom I've given The Body Shop to will tell me how her daughter or how her big sister loved what I gave her. The sharing goes on and on without me realizing it! Since then I make sure to have a few kits and boxes to give to special people in my life.

And this year, The Body Shop has made giving more rewarding with their Feel So Good campaign. They have partnered with WaterAid to provide families in Ethiopia with clean water! Each purchase of ONE Specially Selected gift set = ONE DAY of Clean water for a family in Ethiopia.

How amazing is that? I am tearing up  thinking of it and how different Christmas will be for all the families in Ethiopia that WaterAid and The Body Shop can help.

What's great is that we are really getting these sets at a steal! The Body Shop has made it easier for everyone to pick out the perfect gift by renovating the stores to be pristine white and fluid walking area. You get to see the whole store and all the products are displayed in a way that is not as overwhelming. I was able to zone in to the gifts below P1000 for people I've worked with. 

These berry tin cans are just too cute for my clients!

Men's grooming kits are at 30% OFF!

More 30% off kits for the women in your life that has got down their getting-ready routine to a T!

Another thing I love about The Body Shop is how I don't have to wrap gifts. I hate wrapping kasi.

Gifts below P2000 are definitely the ones you should have the BF get for you. Wink! Wink!

And what about there Buy 2, Get 1 FREE? Kakaloka!

I hope how open and inviting The Body Shop stores are! I keep telling the husband that I want our home to look like this. And guess what he said, "With all your beauty products, mahal, ganito naman talaga itsura ng bahay natin." Pilosopo.

If you prefer a more sophisticated kind of gift for a loved one (let's not kid  ourselves, for us, too.), you can get these great-smelling Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT and lotion. These are super bango!

The Seawood skin care line is one I've been eyeing, lately? Has anyone here tried it?

Oil of Life is for the most special woman is your life. If Mom was here, it's either she got this for herself already or take my allowance so she can pretend I gave it to her. But since I'm working already, she'd probably make me pay for it. LOL! This oil is soooo luxurious!

This will surely earn you many points if you give this your masungit MIL. Teehee!

Again, The Body Shop's specially marked sets will provide families in Ethipia clean water! Shopping, sharing, and a little goodwill is what Christmas is all about. So finish that list and head on straight to the nearest The Body Shop store.

Shout out to my friends Dolly, Danica, Emily! Thanks for touring me around the Holiday collection of The Body Shop

The Gift of Friendship is NEVER overrated! Much love, D, for the love and frienship!

More about The Body Shop Feel So Good #HappyMaker campaign at

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