If I can #DoItAllHair, So Can You | From a Former Buhaghag Girl

24 hours are not enough for me to accomplish everything I want in a day!

I can't believe how true those very words were until I became a mom. A working mom at that with a blogging career on the side. I guess that's how it is now for many women like me who want to do everything. Who wants to do it all. Impossible is always the word that comes to mind whenever I see my to do list every single day but getting to check all the items and seeing how I was able to accomplish them (well, most days) gives me a so much satisfaction. Especially when that to-do would benefit my child.

Taking on a full-time job in the middle of having to raise a very young child was something I did not expect. I was truly not prepared when a managerial position was offered to me. But I listened to that small voice inside me eager to learn and to help. And so I did. Three months in, in between breastfeeding and blogging on the side, I am doing it all!

To be honest, I'm not quite sure how I'm able to do all of these! It's like I'm more productive now than ever. But then, that's women for you. Put them in the toughest situation and see them flourish!

And being the women we are, we ask for help when we truly need them. We know that there are things that are best left to the experts so we have more time to finish our goals. Say, like my hair for example!

It's quite hard to believe that my hair has become the least of my worries for months now.
I've stopped going to the salons (save for the quarterly hair coloring sessions) ever since I changed my regimen to the NEW Pantene Pro-V Conditioners. Since their fabulous 3-minute Miracle formula, it's been my go-to conditioner to tame my frizzy hair and repair my hair damage.

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This time though, Pantene reformulated their PRO-V conditioners to be tougher on hair damage and the bad elements around us! Tougher on dirt, pollution, damage and breakage. With the help of The NEW Histidine Technology, Pantene Pro-V Conditioners now contains anti-oxidants. Which is similar to your anti-aging creams, it fights free-radicals present in the environment that causes our hair and scalp more damage. Along with the EDDS Keratin Damage-Blocking technology, these new conditioners can even reverse the years of damage on our hair up to 2.5X! How awesome is that?

What you'll surely notice (and if you ever tried Pantene before, you know what I'm talking about) your hair is a lot softer, smoother and easier to manage! To a point that you barely have to do anything to it which only leaves you with extra time to do it all!

I have incredibly thick hair and it's been the bane of my existence for the longest time. I would prefer it to be in a bun and ponytail most of the time. The mere thought of letting my hair down seems an impossibility unless I gave myself an extra hour to prep it or letting it go through the long process of hair damaging straightening creams and procedures at the salon. I can remember times when I would refuse to go to a party just because I know I have to deal with my unmanageable hair. I loved the sun, the pool and the beach but dealing with dry, frizzy and ultimately falling hair made me stay on the shore and just waddle on the waters. I would wear hats that leaves a dent on my hair just because the sun dries out my scalp and my hair making it more buhag-hag. Suffice to say, vacations were not much fun.

Don't even count the times I had to go through all the rebonding and hair straightening procedures since I was young. It did allow me to have smooth straight hair but one I had to constantly maintain with intensive deep conditioning. I can't go swimming for risk of deactivating the chemicals or end up with worst hair than ever! Oh! Speaking of worst hair, a salon once overcured by hair with a straightening cream which left my hair extremely breakable. It was a pain!!
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But now, everything is different Well, at the very least I can let my hair down and not feel as if it's attacking me. No more buhaghag hair. No more hair straightening procedures. No more spending so much time curling or ironing my hair. Now my hair is manageable, softer and smoother! And having learned that by using Pantene PRO-V all the while has helped me protect it form the bad elements, I'm more than convince to keep using it!

I am loving my voluminous hair with products like Pantene PRO-V. I  see my hair now for the asset it truly is rather than the dilemma it used to be. And to say that not having to worry about my hair makes me able to #DoItAllHair is truly an understatement.

So if your state of your hair is making you feel less accomplished, then it's time to try the NEW Pantene Pro-V Conditoner. And guess what, I got my very first tube free from Sampleroom.Ph. Visit their page and check out the Pantene Pro-V samplers they are giving away!

Get free samples at Sampleroom.ph

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