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LUX is in the Philippines!

I've been keeping this secret... well, me and my fellow beauty bloggers and friends, for quite sometime now. The New LUX Fragrance Bath Collection is now available to everyone! I've been using this body wash for a few days now and every time, it feels like
I'm bathing in using a very fancy body wash found in five star hotels and spas. It's very rich, it lathers well and it leaves a lingering scent that I love so much! It's like bathing in a pool of black orchids! Such opulence!

To give you brief story about this new player in the beauty town, the new Lux Fine Fragrance bath line is actually was masterfully crafted by Nicole Mancini, a grandmaster in perfume making. The Magical Spell variant is just one of the 4 variants that will be available to everyone. It's opulent, lush and incredibly feminine. It's rich as it has contains a blend of black orchids, dark florals, golden armber and vanilla bean. You'll know what I mean once you get a whiff of it. It's surprisingly delicate as it settles on your skin but stays on for as long as 8 hours. It compliments any kind of floral perfume.

What has gotten me interested is the LUX Magical Spell Fragrance Body Wash. The color of the wash itself is of silky violet that already speaks of how luxurious it is. It is similar to most high-end perfumed body wash.

Naturally, I had to try the LUX Perfumed Bath Soap as I am a soap-girl. Fancy design, right? I love the rich lather that this gives although I do prefer the wash better for it's strong staying power.

If I got you curios about this, here is a link where you can get FREE samples of the NEW LUX Perfumed Bath Collection. I'm just sure you'll get addicted to it like I did!

Time to #BatheWithLux.

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