Restaurant Review | Alqueria Spanish Restaurant at Mega Fashion Hall

There is always hearty and comforting about Spanish dishes. The smell of Paella puts me in a relax state. It will always make me think of childhood and the parties and holiday dinners my lola and titas would prepare for. Let's see if  Alqueria Tapas, Paellas y Bistecas sated my Paella cravings.

Formerly known as Boqueria, Alqueria rebranded and want to be to known for their exquisite Paella dishes that will make you sing songs at the very first bite. I've been here once with my boss and uncle and enjoyed their cheesy paella and salpicao. So when Chuckie and Yen invited me to have lunch there with Row and Tin, I immediately said yes!

Alqueria Tapas Paellas y Bistecas at the 3rd floor of Mega Fashion Hall

Interior is as expected. It's refined, tasteful, modern and elegant with a definite Spanish vibe. The rich colors of wood and dusky rose upholsterers gives this place a hearty feel.

View of the Metropolis while dining at Alqueria

Beef Salpicao |  P445

When in a Spanish resto, one must Tapas and the the crowd-pleaser of all-time is the Salpicao which had Tin's lil boy smiling from ear-to-ear! And for a good reason! We had two servings of this plate with it's tender juicy meat swimming in garlic. Boy, this Tapas hits the right spot!

Gambas Al Ajillo | P375

Gambas Al Ajillo is a personal favorite as it combines two of my favorite ingredient shrimp and garlic! It's rich, juicy and packed with garlic-y flavor that you would want in a Gambas.

Queso Fundido | P210
Serve me anything with cheese and I'm a happy woman. So this Queso Fundido did get a whole lot of attention from me. It's made with rich Manchego cheese with tasty herbs and a side crispy tortillas. It's heaven! At the 3rd bite, I was already spooning the cheese already! And oh! This would make a great partner with a glass of white wine. I could imagine all the fun talk me and my girlfriends would have while we devour this 

Carne Mechada | Medium P950

Carne Mechada was made for me since Beef Mechado is my second favorite Filipino dish. It's the only tomato-based dish I love so this Paella pleased me to no end. good thing it was placed in front of me the whole time, I got my full of it. I love my Paella slightly toasty and this was exactly that without ruining the flavor infused in the Paella. I coud probably eat the Paella alone but the Tender beef it was served it was soo food I think I had one too many! Burp!

Carne Mechada | Medium P950

Prime Rib Solo | P1499

I'm not really a steak person but I enjoyed Alqueria's Prime Rib Solo. I don't like my steak too fussy so this came as a breathe of fresh air amidst all the flavorful dishes in front of me. Prime is prime for a reason and this one cuts it for me. I love how you can really taste the meatand enjoy it at its truest essense. I'm sure my husband will love this, too!

This is an Off The Menu dish so do ask your server about this instead.

Pollo  Iberico | P470

Described as "Slow roasted chicken leg quarter with chorizo, sweet peppers in olive and white wine." It's one of Alqueria's special dishes so do allow allow servers to offer you their specials menu. You really don't want to miss on succulent dishes such as this one.

Paella with Chicharones | P470
Don't you just love seeing saffron on your dishes? I do! It adds an exotic flavor that immediately transport me to another world. Chos! No really, I love saffron and the Paella Chicharones with it's pomodoro stock infused-rice did please my tummy. Oh! And those pork cracklings? Heaven! It's not as rich as Carne Mechada but definitely a great contender.

Paella with Chicharones | P470

Canonigo | P218

Desserts are made to be enjoyed by two or more people... But this Canonigo made me wish I had it all to myself. Hehehe! It's actually a Filipino version of a French dessert "ile flottante or ouefs a la neige.", transalation: Baked meringue with caramel and candied bananas.

I personally would have omitted the bananas, I would probably would prefer it more with apples. but Canoningo with the bananas can certainly stand on its own with its soft sweet pillowy meringue. I can have this everyday if my body can take it. It's that good. Well, especially if you're like me who prefers white-based desserts. 

Canonigo | P218

Manchego Cheesecake | P230

I have never tried Manchego cheese before and I didn't realize I was missing out on such a flavorful cheese! And for Alqueria to turn it into a cheesecake... Glorious! This mix of Manchego and cream cheese dessert is a delightful treat for anyone who feels they deserve something good in their lives. And given its richness, I would never finish one slice on my own so this, I recommend to be shared with a special someone.

We also got to try the Pudin made from Valor dark chocolate and it was served a la mode and it made me think of childhood. It's a homey dessert that will make you think of siesta and sitting on granny's lap hearing stories from her the olden days. I also didn't realize how good valor dark chocolates are....

Sangria | P---
Sangria at noon? Why ever not? Tin and I shared this glass and it tastes awesome! I'm not really a Sangria girl but this drink is pretty much what sangria is all about. It did not scrimp on fruits which I am after for.


My recos among this dishes is definitely the Salpicao and Gambas Aljillo for starters. If you're ordering Carne Mechada, go for Gambas instead for variety. The Paella for me is the Carne Mechada with its grilled tomato, confit potaoes and saffron-infused stocka and pomodoro rice. Besides, braised shortribs is always a good idea.

For the dessert, share a slice of Manchego Cheesecake, and have another one taken out because you'll surely crave one the moment you wake up the next day! That's a filling dinner/lunch for two to three persons under P2000 at one of Manila's premiere food spots. Not bad, right?

If you're in a tight budget, schedule your Alqueria visit because they have promos these August!

40% OFF medium and Large Paellas every Monday & Wednesday, ALL DAY!

50% OFF Cochinillo Fiesto every Tuesday and Thursday, ALL DAY!

Alqueria Restaurante is located at the 3rd floor of Mega Fashion Hall, Building D, SM Megamall. Please text or call +639165062659 for reservations and inquiries.

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