#CamillaClaudette's Fun Shoot at #GapCastingCall

Last June, baby CC got an invite to join the #GapCastingCall. They were relaunching the Gap Baby Registry (because every baby deserves a full Gap wardrobe) and they wanted to invite all Baby Gap and Gap kids customers to an open shoot by no less than Mayad Beginnings at the posh Central Square Mall in BGC. All we had to do was purchase Php3000 worth of Baby Gap or Gap Kids clothing and sign up for the shoot. Awesome, right?

More photos of CC's #GapCastingCall! Check out if she had one photo sitting still! >.<

Claud, though, was as hyper as ever! We had a hard time getting her attention and make her stay put. But boy was the shoot fun! I'm sre she didn't care about the whole shoot and was just in awe with how cute the set-up was! She was really so gulo! Lol!

Good thing Mayad Beginnings was up for the challenge! Just look at these amazing shots! And my little energizer bunny do look pretty in her Baby Gap ensemble. Too much cuteness in one photo!

So, what do you get exactly when you sign up for Baby Gap Registry? Just some awesome deals!

The Baby Gap Registry offers a new collection and great new benefits to the parents and their friends. Upon registration and a minimum purchase of P7500 by the guests, the parents will receive a Hello Baby Kit and a Gap Grow Card. The guests will also receive a one-time use bounce back offer of 25% on all regular items. Both the parent and the guest will be tagged in the purchase to earn their way to VIP status, which has a minimum purchase requirement of P15,000.

The Hello Baby kit includes:

  • a Hello Baby Keep Sake Case personalized with the child’s name;
  • a personalized luggage tag;
  • animal and alphabet stickers to decorate the case;
  • bunting for baby shower or nursery;
  • personalized greeting card from Gap;
  • a special Mayad Beginnings package;
  • a book to record Baby’s first year timeline.

Gap Hello Baby Kit

Adorbs, right? Can't tell you enough how helpful it is for everyone to have a baby registry! It was a life saver for me and daddy Ron! And it also showed us how much love Claud was already receiving even before she made her debut!

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