When She's All Giggles, It Only Means One Thing

How do I know Claud sleeps well at night using the new Pampers Baby Dry diapers?

Meet Ms. Little Buhaghag!

She wakes up super happy!

It may be a feat to put my little Energizer Baby to bed but keeping her there has always been easy.

My trick? Always put on a fresh Pampers Baby Dry diaper! Despite the change of sleeping time and schedule, Claud gets her complete rest whenever we succeeded to putting her to bed. After having tested the efficacy through their beaker test and seeing that Pampers Baby Dry is far superior than regular diaper, it gave me more confidence to not check Claud's nappy at the middle of the night or when she's taking naps.

Given its ability to keep baby's precious bottom dry for 12 hours, Claud looks to be more comfortable in her new nappy with Pamper's cottony fabric. You won't hear a rustle of plastic when she moves. It's a blessing really! And even if Claud wakes up at the middle of the night, it's not anymore from the discomfort of a wet nappy but to nurse.

Considering how hectic my life is getting day by day and how Claud is becoming more active, I'm grateful for the rest she gives me at night. I'm glad that days that I have to wake up to change her diaper is gone and I could get the sleep I need to recharge for another day with her.

Waking up with her has been very pleasant, too! She doesn't cry but rather slowly opens up her eyes when her dad opens the window to let the sun in. She smiles and gives that cheek-bursting grin and start to invite her daddy to play while I am allowed to catch a few more Zzzz's. Both Daddy Ron and baby Claud will stay inside the playpen while they watch Disney Junior. Gone are the helpless cries of wet nappies, thank God!

And now we are blessed with an active happy baby that makes her presence known everyday!

Daddy took this photo to show her granny and grandpa via Viber. :) That's me beside her. :)

Cleo sleeps with us now. :) This is the sight that fills my husband's heart every single day, he said. He loves looking at us while we sleep. He adds that the sight us looking peaceful gives him strength to conquer the day. 

This is nappy time!

Hello there, Big Eyes!!


Clap! Clap! Clap! "Mommy, great job!"

With complete sleep, Claud is more active than ever! Time to seize the day, baby!

Thanks, Pampers, for giving us all complete sleep at night with the NEW Pampers Baby Dry! The Cala-or's are much more rested now!

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