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Shopping for Claud is now my favorite thing to do. Every chance I find myself inside a mall with time (and money) to spare, I would immediately look for things I could get her. Yes, I admit that my world now completely revolves around my daughter! :) Shopping for your child is a whole new experience that I'm so happy to be experiencing right now. It's the best thing ever!

When I got an invite to Melissa's Mini Me Event at the Gelรฉia East Wing of Shangri-la mall, I of course didn't play coy and went with Claud! It was our first ever Mommy and Daughter event! Couldn't be more excited to go out with her wearing both my mommy and blogger hats. Not to mention I was eager to check out what Melissa has in store for our wee ones.

The event itself was a lot of fun. I got to see mommy bloggers with their daughters and sons (photos below). There were fun activities for the toddlers and so much yummy treats, too!

But what took most of our time was shopping for that perfect pair of Mini Melissa shoes for our Mini Mes'! It's Claud's very first Melissa shoes so I had to concentrate... but oh the choices! It was so hard! I'm sure you all agree that it's not an easy task, right?

Check out what's new with Melissa and their MiniMelissa collection after the jump.

Melissa takes their Mini Melissa collections quite seriously. A wide array of fun and stylishes choices are available for moms and kids to choose from. After all, this much-love jelly shoes do appeal to young children easily.

Mini Melissa Polibolha (rubbershoes) , Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Mini Melissa Ultragirl V (plaid bows) , Mini Melissa Furidinha IV (with fruits), Mini Melissa Aranha V (8-bit design)

Viviene Westwood + Mini Melissa Aranha

Mini Melissa Ultragirl Happy Easter, Sugar Rain Boots, Ultragirl Cat.

Did I go crazy trying to pick the perfect pair for Claud?? Of course, I did! But my love for animals and sharing that love with Claud won out and I got her the Sugar Boots with the rhinoceros. Reason behind it is quite simple, I want to teach Claud to appreciate other kind of animals and not just limit herself to cats and dogs. Besides, shoes like these can also be a way of teaching children about the animal kingdom. :)

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Isn't she cute? I'm so sure she'll love the Sugar Rain boots in rhino once she can wear them already. I made sure to get a size where in she'd get the most use for it. I could imagine her not wanting to take it off even at bedtime. Sigh! Definitely looking forward to that.

But wait there's more! Not only do we get to treat our babies, Melissa Philippines also wanted us to take home a pair of shoes for ourselves! Yipee! Nothing beats a mother-daughter shopping event. :)

Melissa recently launched it's collections with some of the best designers in the world namely, Jason Wu, Karl Lagerfeld, The Campana Brothers and Madame Vivienne Westwood. Aside from that their Geliea store in Shangri-la is overwhelmingly filled with really trends in footwear. From edgy, to feminine and some really cue flats that are all quite #TDF. I warn you, you will not be coming out of Melissa empty-handed. And if you do, I fear sleepless nights ahead of you wishing you made that purchase.

We, moms, did find a hard time choosing the best pair to take home.

Spikes and pointy heels are not missing. If you want to follow the latest trends, Melissa won't leave you wanting.

Bows are all around and making its presense felt in a lot of Melissa's ballerina flats. There are a lot of bows and gflats to choose from so be ready!

These Viviene Westwoods x Melissa is on SALE!

Jason Wu II

Definitely seeing some Wu elements in this Collab. A slight normcore but with a splash of color. Love it!

Peeptoes with hardwares, dainty heels and wedges. These will never go out of style.. and only made comfortable for Melissa. Do I have to say more?

I did say bows, right? But what about that 8-bit inspired heart? I die!

These don't come in small sizes anymore. I asked. Hmp!!

These, too! Wish they bring in more smaller sizes because I can't imagine not owning these!!

Wu made me a fan with these sandals.

Jason Wu...

and more Wu!!! His collection spoke to me more than Lagerfeld or Westwood. but...

I came home with this beauty in nude! The Ultragirl Heal and I got it on sale! (happy dance!)

Frances with Piero, Ginny with Zeeka and me with Claud! :)

Claud with her Auntie Janice. Thank you for inviting us to this event!

Janice and her daugher, Reese; Michelle and Mika (sorry Claud pulled your hair!); Rowena and Keira, Jackie and Gab, Sarah and Nikola; and Michelle.

I forgot to tell you that the event required us to wear a matching outfits! :) So nice to see moms and their children in their matchy attire and choosing shoes at Geleia. 

I want to share this with Claud in the future, the memory of shopping for her very first Melissa shoes hen she's all grown up. An experience I'm sure she'll love to talk about especially when she develops a love for shoes like I do. I would smile when she tells how this pair of booties started her love affair with the jelly shoes that is Melissa.

Find that perfect pair of Melissa shoes for you and your brood at their latest shop, Gelรฉia East Wing of Shangri-la mall or you can get them online via, www.melissaphilippines.com.

Thank you, Melissa Philippines, for inviting us to this event and for our new pair of Melissa shoes! :)

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