Summer Beauty Must Have | Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat Lippie Summer Collection

Is the Summer heat bothering you? Not enjoying the sun as much as you used to? I know what you mean. I'm hating the heat as well, especially now with my condition. But that's alright. There are ways to beat the heat and enjoy the sun. And yes, I'm talking about makeup!

Check out the new Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies Summer Edition!

Happy Skin Cosmetics released its Summer Collection for this year and it's a fine one! One of which is a collection of lipsticks that are Summer-worthy or in my case, makes Summer a lot bearable than it is. It's a box of lip-loving Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies that has three fun sexy shades so ripe to strut in this Summer. Actually, these shades are ripe for us wear all year long!

So rather than keeping myself cool inside my air-conditioned room, I try to find ways to leave the house just so I can do my makeup and wear these lippies.

Just look at all the yummy shades of this collection. They photograph prettily, too!

Let me share my thoughts with you about each lip shade. :) 

Summer Crush is a pretty warm pink shade.

One can never go wrong with pink lips. If you're afraid of it, get over it and quickly please! Compared to First Kiss (permanent) and Valentine Kiss (limited edition), Summer Crush is good color to start with, it being warmer in tone that would suit a lot of Pinay skin tone. So far, this my favorite pink Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie.

I could wear this lipstick alone, no makeup at all. But I like it better with a flawless base and some pop of color on the cheeks. But yeah, this is pretty much a lippie that can stand on its own.

Sunset Kiss is definitely not for the faint-hearted. This MAC Lady Danger look-a-like is the shade to wear this Summer season. it's an amazing coral red lippie that would suit our golden skintone. Curious how to pull the orange-red lip look?

The Goal: Avoid having the rest of your face look too washed out.

There's a reason many choose to stay away from red lipstick, much more one with an orange-tone. Just remember: Do your brows, define your eyes (with liner and/or mascara), add color to your cheeks, bronze up and you're set!

If subtle yet sultry is what you're looking for, grab The Morning After.

It's a pink mauve lip color with a cool undertone, It goes on opaque so a little goes a long way if you want a sheer finish. It pairs well with a cool-toned blush. It's an easy color to work it and it smoothens out my dry-chapped lips. It's best paired with a s willowy summer dress. I like my cheeks slightly flushed in pink shade and my eyes brightened up with a white liner when wearing shades like this.

But that doesn't mean this shade ain't out to party. If you want your eye smoky and edgy, The Morning After lippie balances it perfectly for that ideal smoky makeup look.

As always each lippie maintains the goodness that we all have come to love from Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies. Each has the signature three-fold "lip service": shine of a gloss, pigment of a lipstick and hydration of a balm. Happy to report that all of these did not cause my lips to dry out, rather I feel that its a perfect partner for my currently dehydrated chapped lips. And given how skin-loving this is, it's the perfect product for preggy 'ol me!

Happy Skin Cosmetics definitely knows that we, Pinays, want. From quality to the variety of shades, they take into account our personality and lifestyle. So whoever we choose to be today or whatever we do, for sure there is a Happy Skin lippie for you. And if you're like me, whose lip color choices are dictated by her mood, you'll have a fun time with the NEW Happy Skin Shut up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies Turn Up The Heat Limited Edition Lippie Summer Collection.

I suggest grabbing the set of Turn Up The Heat now and enjoy the discount. You'll never know when you'll be in need of these three shades.

Find out where to get Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat Lippie Summer Collection at

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