Beat the Summer Heat With a New Android Tablet From Lazada and WeChat

With the Summer heat getting worst by the day, instead of looking forward to going outside, I'd rather stay home, drink tons of water to stay hydrated and play on my tablet.

Speaking of tablets, did you know that hundreds of tablets were sold for the first couple of hours when WeChat and Lazada announced their partnership? How cool is that! I'd like to think I helped out a bit in letting you know about this great news!

People enjoyed how easy it was to avail of this service via WeChat and how convenient it is to share it with their friends and family. WeChat having so many young users enjoying their services, Lazada was impressed with how well this promotion rolled out. :)

Well, that's yuppies for you. We easily recognize a great deal when we see one. So if you haven't availed of this service, let me walk you right through it and go ahead, enjoy a new gadget this Summer!

Are you ready?

Find Lazada_Ph on the search tab. Just type, Lazada_Ph
Follow Lazada_ph on WeChat

You'll then be directed to the LazadaPH WeChat window

Go ahead and click View All. You're getting there!

At the Welcome page, Click Read More and you'll be taken to the Lazada site.
Browse away and see what tablet suits you best! :)

You're welcome!! :) Happy Summer!

Find out more about LazadaPh and WeChat promos, visit their facebook pages:
Lazada Philippines Facebook page:
WeChat Philippines Facebook page:

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