How Iya and Drew Love, Share, and Chat via the World’s Most Searched Social Mobile App

I can't imagine not being able to communicate with my husband. I would definitely think that newly wed celebrities, Iya and Drew feels the same. With advancement in technology, we are now able to enjoy unlimited access to anyone via our mobile phones. With a good wifi or 3g connections, there is no way to keep in touch. And it's not just regular phone calls and texts, there's another world out there, thanks to WeChat, that makes communication a lot more fun, interactive and definitely more appealing. I'm definitely sure that Iya and Drew are taking advantage of what WeChat has to offer when it comes to communicating and keeping their romance alive despite their busy schedule.

Read on to find out how WeChat makes user experiences more human for the two celebrities by fueling conversations, the same way they would when face-to-face.

Both can talk digitally the same way they do personally.

Gone are the days when people needed to hop a plane to talk to a family member in person or drive miles to catch up with friends. Today, WeChat lets both Iya and Drew reach people wherever they are with a video call function that works over WiFi or 3G networks and a group messaging feature that lets them host two chat rooms with up to 100 users in their lists. WeChat also makes it easy for them to shift from typing to talking when they press the “Hold to Talk” button, which records and sends messages in an instant—be it between breaks when hosting shows such as ASAP and Unang Hirit, or while at home trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Both can bring on and capture the good times

Just like a public album, WeChat allows all users in its network, including Iya and Drew, to share with the world photos, videos, recordings, and comments all in one platform called “Moments”. Whether while enjoying theziplines of Pagudpud, Antique, and Bohol, recording new tracks, plunging in the waters around Siquijor, Camiguin, and Sarangani, or performing on stage, both can easily capture snippets of their vibrant lifestyles and post them on for sharing on “Moments”.

Both can escape to fantasy worlds

Beyond its social networking and location-based functions, WeChat is able to keep Iya and Drew entertained during down time with the newly released Game Center that comes with its version 5.1 upgrade. Both celebrities can run along with Kattie, Nikita, and Leo and embark on exciting Gunz Dash adventures, engage on a shooting match using Pencil Pilot, or get busy with arcade games 2Day’s Match and Craz3 Match.

Both can continue growing their circles

As the faces of WeChat Philippines, both Iya and Drew can count on the social mobile app’s Official Accounts feature to let them connect to their fans worldwide at any given time. Whether for TV show schedules or updates about their activities, their subscribers are instantly notified whenever they post new content on this broadcast platform. Follow Iya and Drew on WeChat via their IDs: @IyaOfficial and @DrewOfficial.

Both can backup their moments

Last but definitely not the least, Iya and Drew need not worry about their files suddenly getting corrupted or their conversations being forgotten. WeChat protects its users’data by on-demand data backup and retrieval to/from its cloud based server.

Just like this lovely couple, R and I keep the fire burning with constant communication. Especially on times that needs for us to be a part for a period of time. A simple message can make a difference in our relationship. And what's great is that it doesn't cost us a single cent to grow our relationship. :)

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