Unboxing | GlamourBox Belo Essentials Special Edition

It's another glam edition from the GlamourBox!

This time around, it's all about the warm weather and the fast-approaching Summer! Don't you just want to break into a dance and sing Olaf's Summer song? I do! It's my favorite season! Well, probably not right now that I'm preggy. But Summer for me always brought a lot of joy. :)

And who wouldn't want to look great during bikini season? :) I know I do. Even if wearing a bikini in my current condition is an assault to the visual senses. #LOL

Take a look at what's inside the latest GlamourBox and how Summer-ready you can be with all the amazing FULL SIZE products it has inside!

This GlamourBox Special Edition is only Php595.00

Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Persipirant Deodarant

I've tried this baby and it works like magic. It might take a while but if you're patient enough, those pesky dark underarms will soon be the thing of the past with continued us. It comes in Aerosol and Roll On.
If you find your skin a little bit sensitive, go for the aerosol. If you sweat a lot, a roll-on is a great choice.

Aerosol 140ml / P179.75
Roll On 40ml / P89.75

Belo Underarm Whitening Cream

In a hurry to get those dark area lightened? Go for this tub of underarm whitening cream. It contains a good amount of Alpha Arbutin that whitens skin to a cellular level. That means faster results. You can use this also on your bikini, ankles, knees and elbow areas. I also use this around the neck area.

Full Size 40g / P799.75

Belo Sunexpert Body Shield SPF60

You need a good sun protection to enjoy Summer. Unlike Olaf's we don't have Elsa's magic to protect us from the harsh UVA/UVB rays. Slather this all over your body. Reapply if needed during the middle of the day. It's lightweight enough for everyday use and the Cell Protect Technology allows better protection.

Full Size 100ml / P459.75

Belo Sunexpert Face Cover SPF40

Y'all know you gotta care for face, too! How about double duty sunscreen? This Face Cover also has anti-aging benefits that prevents fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, it's lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. Apply as needed. And even while indoors. :)

Full size 50ml / 329.75

Belo Sunexpert Transparent Mist SPF50

One of my favorite sunscreen to date. I like this better since I'm not much of a lotion-girl. The mist-type is quickly absorbed into the skin. And gives that shiny glow tha can only compliment our skin tone during the heatwave season.

Full Size  100ml / P449.75


Aren't we a lukcy bunch who were able to get this exclusive box? I love everything in it! Not only did the full size products made the purchase sulit but everything inside are things that are truly helpful in maintaining good skin all year round. I'm a happy girl with the new GlamourBox Special Edition Box this February 2014.

I wonder what the next box will be.. :)

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