#TechTuesday | Nude Audio Move M Bluetooth Speakers

When all your gadgets have speakers, why the hell do you need a portable speakers for? That's exactly what I ask myself whenever I come upon a really chic speakers with a price that could afford me a high-end foundation and more...

But for someone like me who prefers to listen to music or watch a video sans the earphones, a speaker comes in handy like an oil-control film. 

Here is just a few instanses...

1. During a Jason Magbanua SDE Marathon.
2., Watching The Walking Dead or American Horror Story on my iPad
3. Singing along to my 80's and 90's in the shower
4. During vacations with either friends or family.
5. Showing off your new playlist to your friends.
6. Obnoxiously making sure that you get to show off how cool your taste in music is.
7. Listen to music and still get to chat with your officemate or seatmate.
8. Bluetooth speakers are just way too cool coz you can listent o music and still get to instagram without having to lug it around.

And Nude Audio Speakers in Move M (Php2,990) is exactly that.
Like in Goldilocks, I settled for the Move M (from their Move S, M & L speaker line). It was "just right!" Nude Audio is a fairly new in the tech industry but I seriously think they are nailing it.

Nude Audio Move M bass sound was unbelievably good for its size (although I think the K would be a better pick for serious musicians). The strap alone makes it really nice to lug around with. Hang it on your bike, shower hook or anywhere you want to music to blast. Listening to Mo Thug to Panthera to Celine Dion and Debbi Gidson.. this is by far, one of the best speaker I've tried this year.

And I get o maximize my iPad more because of this! Yey to more youtube videos watched. :)

You gotta love Bluetooth!
Pairing was  easy, I didn't need to read the instruction. A simple long press on the Bluetooth button and it got connected to my gadgets. :) A wireless wonder this one is. :)

Look how great it looks with my new white iPhone 5C! :

This also doubles as a speakerphone. Hello to skype-ing and facetiming more!

Great things come in small packages. :) Nude Audio is exactly that!

Here's a sample of the audio. :)

If you're on a hunt for a chic-looking speakers with really good audio quality and with a price range that's reasonable, visit Beyond The Box or Digital Walker and try out Nude Audio. :)

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