Satin Pillowcases Are Best For Our Skin?

Oh, God do I love to sleep! During our college graduation pictorial, my creative shot was me sleeping, hugging a pillow!

But did you know that sleeping can also be bad for your skin? Dun-dun-dun-dun! Find out more after the jump!

Yes, how horrifying that my favorite hobby in the whole world could be a reason for getting pimples, wrinkles and other skin problems.

That is why I left no stones unturned when it comes to taking care of my skin. One of which is to make sure that my bed is always spic and span.

1. I at least run a vacuum through my bed every other week just to get rid of dust mites.
2. I change my sheets regularly, at least twice a month.
3. Take an evening shower before going to bed.
4. I only lie in bed in my nightgowns and pj's.
4. Using satin pillowcases.

Photo credit to Lady
Satin? Say what? 

Yes, satin pillowcases can be expensive but you are seriously doing your skin a favor when you use satin pillowcases. I've noticed that when I switched to satin, my skin improved exponentially. It's less prone to breakouts and my hair had less static and breakage.

Satin has a softer, more luxurious feel than regular cotton cloth. Wonder why celebrities and hotels prefer thousands of thread count on their Egyptian cotton sheets? Because of the softness it gives! Well, since we're not billionaires, satin is a great alternative. Regular cotton sheets can be rough on the skin.. Bacteria are known to cling on the cotton exposing us to pimple-causing germs as well as irritations. Satin causes less friction that allows our skin to rest better against it's softness. 

Satin also doesn't absorb moisture as much as cotton either, maintaining the PH balance in our skin during our slumber. How great it that? If you have dry skin, satin pillow cases should be a good treat for your skin.

Satin also promotes better sleep. Remember when we were kids and everything is soft, smooth silky and anything that resembles to what used to be our cradle, lulls us to sleep in no-time? Satin sheets does the same thing.

And for kinky days, satin provides a sensual feel. Wink! Wink!

How to care for satin pillows?

I hand-wash them with the mildest of detergent (Perla is the brand I prefer) and hang them to air dry. I use wood clips on the opening edges. I skip ironing them to prevent damages and dulling of the silky texture.

Sleep is important!

I take sleeping seriously. I really do.

For me, it's a ritual... I take a hot shower (or cold one, depending on the weather), wear clean nightgowns or pajamas in bed, apply balms to promote good sleep, spray my sheets with pillow mist, spray the room with fragrant room spray and drink green tea or a glass of milk (depending on my body's needs) before turning in for the night.

I do this even when I'm drunk, half awake from stress and even if I sleep at 4 in the morning!

I'm quite spendy when it comes to my mattress, pillows and sheets. And when i discovered, satin pillow cases.. I was addicted.

When Lady Satin Pillowcases approached me to try out her collection, I said yes right away. She provides seamless transaction and has so much choices. But of course, I prefer white in my beddings. These pillowcases makes for a great gift this coming Holiday and I just want to hoard them all!

If you're looking for good quality satin pillowcases, head on to Lady Satin website. I seriously vouch for their products. :)

Photo credit to Lady

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