Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Foundation Review

I think I just found a dupe to my current foundation, Vichy DermaBlend. It's the Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Foundation. I thought that most skin care foundation aren't really going to give me good coverage much less one that can take on my oily skin but I was wrong, Mary Kay Timewise held on its own. Take a closer looka t this foundation and read on!

As you can see it come in a tube and comes only in one size, a 29ml. it has liquid consistency. It's runny and sets fast. To compare it, it's a more liquid than Vichy DermaBlend. Mac Studio Fix is definitely a lot creamier. I think here in the Philippines it comes in 3 shades than can suit fair to medium dark skin tone. For a Php750, 29ml tube, it can be expensive.

What's it in? Vitamin E and a lot of peptide mix. Staying true to it being a part of the Timewise line, which manages early to moderate signs of aging. If you're 20 to 30 something, this might be your skin concern. Timewise is specifically a line that targets specific concern. As for the Timewise Matte-wear Foundation, it targets skin concerns specially premature aging but also managing oiliness.

Definitely two concerns that I want addressed.

What I love about the Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Foundation:

  1. Buildable coverage to suit my daily needs.
  2. Prevents oiliness up to 4 hours with minor retouch
  3. Really has a matte effect
  4. Reduces skin's redness brought on my current skin care regimen
  5. Lightweight feel on the skin  like you don't have any foundation on.
  6. Gets into the nooks and crannies of my skin for even coverage
  7. Can act as concealer for specificity of application

What I don't like about the Mary Kay Timewise Matte-wear Foundation

  1. The packaging can get a bit messy given that the consistency is runny. A pump similar to the Timewise Day SOlution Suncreen I think would suit this time of conssitency to avoid it clogging up the cap or spillage. besides, a pump is more hygenic.

Otherwise, I love this foundation. Evidenced by before and after makeup look down below. :)

Application on the above photo is only one layer of the Mary Kay Timewise Matte-wear Foundation, topped off  with Mary Kay Transluscent Loose Powder (review to follow).

And before I say adieu and enjoy my trip to HongKong with the Mary Kay team to witness the finale of the Mary Kay Model Search for One Woman Can, let me leave you with words that are so apt for the season and for anyone who's been weathering some problems like I am. Given my 30 years on earth, I forget how some problems will just have a way of taking care of itself and I should just relax and stop worrying. So if you're in jam or in a pickle (or both), don't forget to smile when there's something to smile about. To laugh when there's something really funny and to love life!

 I can't believe that I will be a part of this event. Imagine that a regular woman just like us will become the cover girl for the new Mary Kay Magazine! She'll be treated like a star!

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