Mary Kay One Woman Can Finale | Day 3

And for 3rd installment and the conclusion of my Mary kay One Woman Can experience, I have great news! We won! Two ou three Filipina finalists made into Top 8 and then to Top 3, against 24 beaitufula nd equally lovable finalists all over Asia Pacific! Want to know more about their experience during the finale? Read on!

Gary Cheung, Dom Lau, Christie Simpson, Cara Grogan, Sheryl Adkins-Green and KK Chua

Despite the weather and the emergency change of location, just like Mary Kay, the founder, we braveed the stormy weather and headed out back to The Space and attended the Mary Kay One Woman Can Beauty Contest Finale. 

And it was all worth it! The Space was transformed into what seems like a scene out of New York Fashion Week. Men looking dapper in their suits and tie and women dressed in the latest fashion trends! I felt so special just being in the same room with these people, at Hong Kong no less!

Here's Dom Lau introducing all the judges in his forever high-energy character.

One of which was Sheryl Adkinds-Green who flew all the way from Mary Kay Headquaters in Texas. She's the Chief Marketing Officer and she's part of the team who concepetualized the One Woman Can campaign to celebrate Mary Kay's 50th anniversary.

After the judges introduction, each girl walked down the runway, showing off what they learned from Cara G the previous day. Their transformation was amazing. For that evening, the look was smokey eyes and soft lips to compliment the dresses that Christie Simpson chose for them. Their makeup was done by their Independent Business Consultants while their hair by Toni & Guy Hong Kong.

credit to: for the photo

Fatima Saquilabon with her Tyra Banks worthy runway walk with a bright smile and eyes that smize.

credit to: for the photo
Yani Buenviaje, regal in red and commanding the catwalk.

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I never thought that I'd be emotionally invested in the contest. After all, I was just there to cover it. But after seeing all the things the girls had to go through, seeing as how tight the competition was and how extremely clueless everyone was on how it will go, I was all nerves during the show. Since I'm not good at judging, I thought that the girls wouldn't make it. Like I said, the competition was tough and a few girls did stand out during the training day. Seeing Fatima during training meek and quiet except during her shoot and her runwaywalk had me at my wits end that she may not make it.

So imagine my surprise when Cara G called her name! Fatima was incredibly surprised herself since she didn't believe at first her name got called. She got to the stage a few minutes later! I swear I was up and ready to drag her out if she didn't. :) hehehe! Cara G noted that she was impressed with how well Fatima took directions during their catwalk training and that Fatima took all her advises.

Shadowing her for the past two days, she shone on the runway and how humbling yet confident her answers were to her question. During the question and answer portion, she was asked what she learned most in the Mary Kay One Woman Can contest and she replied that she's become self-conscious in a positive way and that she gained the confidence she hoped she'd learn through this experience. Amazing answer, right? Talanga pang-beauty queen! I was all but ready to stand up and appluad. And I nearly did when she was called to be part of the Top 3 finalists along side Singaporean, Ephairam Seow and fellow-Filipina finalist, Yani Buenviaje!

I was at my wit's end. Holding on to my seatmates Martha and Ning, while we waited with bated breathe as 3rd place was called... and when they called out Ephraim to take the 3rd place... that was it! Philippines won the Mary Kay One Woman Can Beauty Contest! And when they declared the winner... that's when I jumped out of my seat! "Fatima from the Philippines" was the last thing I heard when people started to go to the stage to congratulate her. I had to gather my senses before I was able to approach them and take their photos..

Can you believe it? We won! Philippines won!

At the end, Mary Kay One Woman Can Event didn't just prove that one woman can... many just did! There's Fatima blossoming into a fierce model worthy of one-year modelling contract with Mary Kay and her own cover in a Mary kay catalog. Yani who showed that elegance speaks leaps and bound. Epharim Seow conquered it with her voluptuous figure, bright smile, poise and grace. And the rest of the ladies whom I think deserves crowns of their own.

Epharaim Seow, Fatima Saquilabon, Yani Buenviaje.
These are the top three women who amongst all the finalists, shines the most.

But of course, out of everyone else, the one that embodied the Mary Kay One Woman Can is this beautfiul girl right there, Fatima Saquilabon. From the shy girl in the province to a covergirl model in just a matter of days.

Yani, Fatima and Deniece, Filipina finalists who became a part of the Mary Kay One Woman Can Contest.

Congratulations Marilds and Fatima! You girls deserve all these blessings. You rocked!

Fatima, Cara G and Marilds.

It was exhilarating! I thought that coming to Hong Kong to witness this one-in-a-lifetime event was a huge thing already. But bringing home the win! And having the girl I shadowed win the event made it all the more memorable and definitely more fun to write.

It's like a cinderella story, really. One that involved a fairy godmother (that's you, Mary Kay!), didn't need a prince charming... and one that would definitely have more than a happily ever after. :)

Congratulations, Fatima! You did us proud. And thank you, Marilds, for transforming her into the beautiful lady we now see through your talent.

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