Giveaway: One Day Is Not Enough | Win 2K Load from Smart

To say that one day is not enough is understatement!

Today, even if it's a holiday, I slaved away doing a presentations, reports, household duties and caring for the dogs. All that while I catch up on the latest TV series I'm following and planning my blog layout in between. The evening comprised of me cooking mechado for dinner while I slave away writing that this day is not entirely enough... I want more. I hunger for just one more day.

I just watched the first episode of Sex and the City. And watching my life's inspiration, Carrie Bradshaw, makes me feel that I can conquer the world. She's an accomplished published author, lives in Manhattan, married to the next Donald Trump and all that in haute couture and designer labels. All that just by pursuing what she loves! So I have no reason that I can't, right?

I just love how I'm not limited with what I can do. Isn't it amazing to be a woman of today? We hardly need to prove ourselves anymore. Life is practically limitless!

And because Smart knows that one day is just not enough, they gives us another day to get things done! Just when you think 24 hours is enough. not quite so. With the new Smart All Text 30 Plus, you get one more day to enjoy an unlimited all network text and 30 minutes call to your Smart and Talk and Text friends!

All you have to do is text AT30 to 2827!

I just love it when my network understands what I need and it strives to give it to me. Now I have one more day to enjoy what I want and my phone is more useful than ever. Being on prepaid with Smart allows me to do more and scratch off items on my list! It's so easy being on budget and at the same time conquer my goals. And my friends being on another network doesn't matter, I can text them, too!

And because of that, Smart and I are giving away 1 lucky winner to receive a Php2,000 worth of load to an inspiring person who like the rest of us strives their best to be all that they can be.

To join:

1) Answer this question...

"What are the things you cannot do
 in just one day?"

Share with me your answer by commenting on comment section below!

2) Follow me on Twitter (shensaddiction) and on Facebook (shensaddictionpage)
3) And please tweet this: "Get things done with #SmartAllText30Plus. Win 2K load from @shensaddiction."

Accomplish all three requirements and you're in!

Winners will be announced on April 19, 2013! Promise!! :)

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