Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gift Ideas For Her: Estee Lauder Holiday Sets for 2012

Our friends from Estee Lauder wanted me to share these with you their 2012 Holiday gift sets.

Click at the jump to find out more about these wonderful gift ideas...

Sleek Face Contour Kit Review | How To Contour and Highlight

If you're a newbie makeup lover and reading this post, I know part of you are scared with contouring. I could bet that some of you are even doubting that you'll be able to acquire the skill to contour your cheekbones. Scared that you'll forever suffer chubby cheeks in photos. Well, let me tell you know. STOP THINKING THAT. I, too, felt the same way and boy, did I waste a lot of time worrying for nothing.

So again, stop the worry! :) I'm sure there will come a time that when you are adept in contouring your face.. you'll look back in this post and laugh how nervous you are on picking up that brush to give your face some definition.

So, shall we go on? 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WIN A #BDJBOX from Shen's Addiction #BDJBuzz

BDJ BOX is the new beauty baby in town. Are you ready to unbox your own beauty.

Tech Tuesday: Mercury Color Mirror Film in White | For the Vain and the Conscious

It's another Tech Tuesday! :)

Want the ultimate vanity screen protectors out there? Check out my new Mercury Color Mirror Film. It comes in different colors and I just love love love it!

Given that this phone is practically glued in my hand, it's nice to know that I can check if my makeup is still in place or that if I have something in my teeth with people none the wiser. It's been catching a lot of attention, too, all with it's uniqueness. :)

Check out more photos below :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Introducing: Sample Room | How It Works

Finally, a sampling site here in the Philippines!

Whenever I go to the mall and I'm caught by a sales lady to buy their latest skin care innovation, I can't help but ask if they have samples or trial packs. Something to that'll allow me try it out first before buying the bigger size. Y'all know we Pinays are suckers for free stuff. :) But most of them don't and often times, you only get these samples when you actually buy something from their brand or store.

Life's amazing because now I get to try something first before committing to buying them. I always think that you should only be committed to your family, friends and loved ones... For products, I think it's free for all. LOL. And Sample Room has made my dreams come true by helping me decide if a product is worth every penny.

I've known about Sample Room for months now but I didn't know how helpful and great it's going to be for beauty enthusiasts like me.

  1. You won't have to pay a single cent for samples! They believe that SAMPLE should be FREE.
  2. You only pay for shipping! 
  3. You get to try and test a product before purchasing it full-size.
  4. You can join a community with same concerns as you do.
  5. You get to save a lot of money. :)
  6. Your stress is reduced in experiencing products that are duds. 
  7. You'll love testing out beauty products!
  8. There will be a wide variety of reviews that is available on the site, thanks to participants like us!
  9. If you live in the provinces, you'll love SampleRoom for sure because you, too, can try it!

That's why I didn't hesitate a bit when Sample Room Team asked me to be a Partner Blogger. Similarly on my blog, you'll see me on sharing my own experiences about the sample's I've tried. Girls with large pores, oily and acne-prone skin, better check out my reviews! I plan on being active there. :)

How does Sample Room work? Check out the infographics I made. The idea is to treat Sample Room as a store... except that what ever you'll get, you'll get for free!

With the Sample Room Team, Diana, Nats, Sophie and Kats!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shen' Addiction 4th Anniversary Giveaway | 3 More Days

Last 3 days til the end of my Blog Anniversary and Birthday Giveaway.

Additional prizes include Ralph Lauren Big Pony fragrances, Kearastase and Estee Lauder. :)

Please take note that those who sent their entries/answer to the question 
at e-mail :)

So excited to see your entries. There are really promising ones and they really upped the ante!

Thanks to all those who joined and I'm eager to see more!

3 more days!! :)

Will hopefully announce the winner on November 5, 2012. :)

Join now! Click here or the poster to go to the contest post! :)

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Guest Post by Duke: The Purple Groom Ambassador

Hi everyone! I'm Duke and I'm taking over my mom's blog for awhile.

Few weeks ago, Mom and Dad took me to the new Purple Groom Salon at California Garden Square to visit Tito Jayme's new Purple Groom salon. They have over 4 now, I think. We favor Tiendesitas more but that's because we live near Tiende. We've been "suki" of Purple Groom for years now and I love it!

When my Lola's favorite groomer left the salon he was working at, Mom and Dad had a hard time finding a new groomer for me. Not until Tito Jayme's dad convinced my mom to try out Purple Groom. Like Mom, Tito Jayme's family has cute pomerarians, too so that convinced her to try out TPG.

And now, I'm their Dog Ambassador! And I couldn't be more pleased. Like mom, I don't want to endorse something I've never tried before and I can tell you know that TPG is the best grooming salon... Tata, Junior,  Aris and the rest of the TPG people are great. They love me so much and they reprimand my parents if I'm not being well-taken care of. I think they love me as much as my parents and grandparents does. And Tito Jayme, he's cool!

Of course my mom should be in the picture, too! :) She's the reason why Tito Jayme asked me to be his dog ambassador. Because mom is a successful and beautiful beauty blogger!

Purple Grooms's latest Salon opened at California Garden Square in Mandaluyong and it's got quite a space for y'all dog lovers. CGS do have quite a numebr of tenants that have dogs and I'm sure they'll appreciate a walking distance dog grooming salon in their area.

I met a lot of dogs that day but I'm pretty much aloof. I'm like Dad, I'm quiet and I don't like being told what to do. Mom is such a social butterfly who keeps on talking and talking and talking and laughing and then talking some more with her blogger friends. I don't really care. I just want my grroming done and get it over with. And I'm not being a diva... I'm just chill like that.

That's Liam, our photographer dog, and his pretty friends. We kind of look a noh? That's me on the left. A diffrent like of hair cut. I think Junior and Tata gives the best groom. But I don't mind this one. My nose is always wet after grooming, I don't know why.

I'm looking at a food! I don't like cameras but hey, this is the life of a celebrity. I gotta get used to this. Mom's a natural. She's so pretty!

I'm turning Japanese... Well, I'm tired already!

With Tito Jayme, my mom and dad.

So happy it's done!! :) I don't really like to be in the limelight. I don't understand why I'm an ambassador. I just sleep, bark, eat, sleep and play everyday. I think they got me just because of my pretty face and great fur... Isn't that too superficial? I think I should do more... Like join a cause or engage in extra curricular activity.

Here's more photos of me after grooming at Purple Groom. And I'm not the only ambassador in the family! :) Everyone one is!

Got groomed before visit to the Vet. I love Doc Xtian but I hate needles.. :( Tata made me look swanky and his bear cut is the bomb. I like him. He's on my Christmas List. Mom, we need to get Tata something for Christmas. Him and Junior.

Duchess and I, waiting for Cleo to finish.

Raja's getting a lot of attention. I like it. So people don't bother me anymore, only him.

Cleo looks sweet but she's a she-devil. I don't like her very much.

Raja loves the camera. Mom like to take his picture a lot because he doesn't squint.

Cleo.. uugghh! She's so messy!

That's Duchess, she hates camera, too. Yeah, that's how we roll.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

11.16.2012 | SOON #FashionAuthority

Just before we bid adieu to 2012, SM Accessories has sometime big in store for us. And when I say big, I mean big.

Watch out. Remember this date.
November 16, 2012...

And here's a little taste...

click the logo below.


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This is a sponsored post.

What's in the Salad Box?

I wondered when beauty boxes will finally hit our fabulous tropical country. I thought that it would never given that we live in sachets and cheap packets. When people in the states buy in bulk, we buy "tingi-tingi" all the time. After all, what will happen to Aling Nena's Sari-Sari Store if we do get Cost Co., right? Besides that, where would we put them? We after all don't live in large suburban community with pantries and storage units.

That is why I was kind of skeptic about beauty boxes making waves here in the Philippines. I don't like paying for "samples". That's why I'm quite happy to see that Salad Box didn't contain one. Everything is in full size and ready to be used and reviewed.

You see? :) All the products you see in your Saladbox are full sizes.

My only problem now is the surprise... Another reason I'm skeptic about Beauty Boxes is the chance that I might get a dud. Come one, let's face it. I don't want to pay for anything that I don't or wouldn't like. And I hate being surprised. I do! I really do.

But that's the inevitable with beauty boxes. You just got to have faith in the Box community you joined in. :) Here we go!  Let's start from my most favorite to my not-so.

Well, I really can't consider this a favorite just yet. But I pretty much was excited when i got this in my Saladbox. I've

Friday, October 26, 2012

Beyond The Box 2 Is Better than 1 and Citibank 0% Promo

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Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck Perfume | A Young Vibrant Scent

Have you ever bought a perfume just because you admire the celebrity endorsing it?

I blogged about Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume when it came out since I'm a really big fan of her. Well, not all of her songs... but after watching the documentary about her and her US Tour, I was... well wonder struck.  Growing up, she knew she always wanted to be a musician. The passion and conviction like that doesn't come often these days. Most kids now jump from one interest to another, staying on facebook and forcing their parents to buy expensive gadgets and clothes.

Taylor's confidence shows clearly in each of her performance and interviews. She was truly born to be in the limelight despite the fact that she wears her heart on her sleeves.

She's charming and sexy and I love how she balances those traits. That's why I showed interest in her latest fragrance Wonderstruck. Celebrity fragrances give insights to their personalities. I just love getting to know it especially if it's an artist I truly admire.

But whether you're a a TS fan or not, Wonderstruck have a few interesting notes that I think woman her age or women who are young at heart might like.
Top notes: freesia, apple blossom and rasberry

Middle notes: Vanilla, honeysuckle and white hibiscus
Base notes: Amber, sandalwood and peach
Notes are exactly what I think a TS fanatic would love, it's sweet with hints of florals and there's some strength in there. The scent definitely lasts a long time and rivals some of the iconic perfumes out there. Although I'm not a fan of vanilla, I'm not entirely iffy of the sweetness. Thankfully, the floral notes balances it.

I don't know if it's my admiration for Taylor that makes me love Wonderstruck, but I am besotted with Wonderstruck. And who wouldn't be with it's notes and vibrant bottle. Did you know that Taylor handpicked this bottle and it's charms? She did. :) And this is the first time that this kind of bottle is being used in fragrances.

I think Taylor deserves all her success and the perks, don't you think so?

And look, her lucky number 13 is on the box of the Wonderstruck bottle. :)

Watch her the Wonderstruck video, it's super pretty... Do you think I should recreate her makeup look? :)

What's your favorite celebrity fragrance? :)

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

New York State of Mind: Kiehl's Opens in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

I remember the first time I was introduced to Kiehl's. I saw it in a US Magazine and there I saw one of it's store opening in New York. The no nonsense packaging immediately caught my eyes. When people tell that when brands like Kiehl's gets acquired by a big beauty comglomerate that they lose their identity, I beg to differ. Kiehl's for years now have maintained it character and quality... best yet is that Kiehl's now have an opportunity to expand in other countries.

Take for example here in the Philippines. When women before would wait for a friend or a relative to buy them the cult favorite Lip Balm, anybody could easily acquire one now give  the number of boutiques they now have here in Manila.

Quite recently, opened yet another botique. bigger and larger than the one in Greenbelt 5, the design has a touch of whimsy. Thanks to the inspiration of Coney Island, New York, Kiehl's boutique in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell evokes fun to balance out the seriousness of its products.

I was lucky enough o grace the event along with fellow beauty bloggers and magazine editors. It was nice seeing friends from Kiehl's again midst all the popcorn, candies, chips and cupcakes. There was a DIY canvass bag, photobooth, jazz musicians and a quirky mime.

Take a closer look at the event, I took photos using my trusty iPhone 4. :)

Kiehl's is famous for their musk fragrance and this time around they want to offer more for their clientele. Known for being meticulous and focused on the needs of everyone who walks in Kiehl's, they created four new scents. Introducing Aromaticblends, a unique take on inspired by different parts of the world. Orange Flower and Lychee from Morocoo, Nashi Blossom and Pink grapefruit from Japan, Fig Leaf and Sage from South of France (my favorite) and lastly, Vanilla and Cedarwood from the exotic land of Uganda.

Of course, there is still the iconic products that made Kiehl's a household name. :)

Their Rare Earth line and Midnight Recovery concentrate are their best-sellers here in the Philippines. Rare Earth for it's clarifying properties while Midnight Recovery Concentrate is great for those who wants to start the fighting the signs of aging.

Clearly Collective Dark Spot Corrector is my on wishlist for Christmas. :)

The moving Statue of Liberty made this experience more interactive. :)

Mikking Galang and Marth Sta. Barbara at the Canvass Bag DIY section

Glad to see Nikki again!:) That's her hubby Keith on the left and Tara on the right.

Sophie, Jheng and Angela

With pretty beauty blogger, Brigitte, Sophie and Angela.

Gogeous people were abundant during the launch.

Lovely and super accomodating Kiehl's team made my shopping experience a lot more fun.

When was the last time you visited Kiehl's? What your fav ortie Kiehl's product. Let me, comment below.

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