What's in the Salad Box?

I wondered when beauty boxes will finally hit our fabulous tropical country. I thought that it would never given that we live in sachets and cheap packets. When people in the states buy in bulk, we buy "tingi-tingi" all the time. After all, what will happen to Aling Nena's Sari-Sari Store if we do get Cost Co., right? Besides that, where would we put them? We after all don't live in large suburban community with pantries and storage units.

That is why I was kind of skeptic about beauty boxes making waves here in the Philippines. I don't like paying for "samples". That's why I'm quite happy to see that Salad Box didn't contain one. Everything is in full size and ready to be used and reviewed.

You see? :) All the products you see in your Saladbox are full sizes.

My only problem now is the surprise... Another reason I'm skeptic about Beauty Boxes is the chance that I might get a dud. Come one, let's face it. I don't want to pay for anything that I don't or wouldn't like. And I hate being surprised. I do! I really do.

But that's the inevitable with beauty boxes. You just got to have faith in the Box community you joined in. :) Here we go!  Let's start from my most favorite to my not-so.

Well, I really can't consider this a favorite just yet. But I pretty much was excited when i got this in my Saladbox. I've
been meaning to try Camaru Naturals for a while now, especially this Bamboo Charcoal Clarifying Soap. Thumbs up to Camaru for joining Saladbox!

Another likey is the BC Fragrance Relaxing Pillow Mist whih I so love because it has that peppermint scent. Y'all know I'm a sucker for mint!

Happy from Hot Shop Pour Femme is not so much of a fave but its smells good. I told you once that fragrances are tricky but this one, I don't entirely dislike. I just find the scent extremely young for me.

Oh boy.. This one, the Natura Cosmetics Gorgeous! Argan Cheek Lip Stik, didn't make the cut. I actually tossed it out. :( I didn't like the smell at all and the oils are leaking. :( I didn't also like the shade and it smelled like metal or oily. I'm not sure. I just didn't like it. 

I think the October 2012 Saladbox has cool beauty loot in it, too. But so far, I find everything just so-so. I hope for better things to come and I'm sure it will.

But what I love about Saladbox is that most of their products are made here in the Philippines or companies that are owned by a Filipina/Filipino. It's heart-warming to see products that are proudly made here in our country.

Visit http://saladbox.com.ph for a chance to try the latest and the best.

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