Sleek Face Contour Kit Review | How To Contour and Highlight

If you're a newbie makeup lover and reading this post, I know part of you are scared with contouring. I could bet that some of you are even doubting that you'll be able to acquire the skill to contour your cheekbones. Scared that you'll forever suffer chubby cheeks in photos. Well, let me tell you know. STOP THINKING THAT. I, too, felt the same way and boy, did I waste a lot of time worrying for nothing.

So again, stop the worry! :) I'm sure there will come a time that when you are adept in contouring your face.. you'll look back in this post and laugh how nervous you are on picking up that brush to give your face some definition.

So, shall we go on? 

Meet my new baby, the Sleek Face Contour Kit that I got from the Digital Traincase x Updated Trends booth at their bazaar at Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall a month ago. After having tried a product or two from Sleek, I finally gave in and got my self this.

First seen among Sophie's makeup arsenal during our MAC Cebu adventure, I saw great potential already. I mean, just look at Sophie's fab makeup here!

Never seen the Sleek Face Contour Kit? Check out my layout below. :)
Sleek Face Contour Kit is an all-around face defining palette. It contains a large amount of contouring powder and an ample amount of highlighting powder. It comes in 3 shades to match fairest to darkest of skin. The contouring powder is matte warm brown shade which is very ideal to achieve a natural contoured look.

The highlighter has a pale pink satin texture as it should be. It doesn't contain shimmers or glitters that tend to make the face look dirty or overly done. The mirror in the kit is large enough to be able to use this palette anywhere.

If you want a bronzer that doesn't contain shimmer or is satin in texture, Sleek Face Contour Kit might be a good choice. I like that it's matte since those that aren't tend to make the face appear dirty or oily which I think defeats the purpose of face contouring.

I wanted to get the medium shade but it was selling like hotcakes, Smile ran out of stocks already. I opted instead for the Light just because I didn't want to go home empty handed. Thankfully though, it works just as great. Better yet, it gives a natural effect when I do contouring. Less blending as the light matches my skintone well.

My skintone is medium fair or NC30.

To give you an idea on how I used e Sleek Face Contour Kit, here's a diagram. Hope it helps!

Check out the photos below, I used the Sleek Face Contour kit as an overall face defining powder. Contouring my cheeks, and nose; and highlighting my forehead, highest planes of the cheek bones and in between jawlines and cheeks.

Create shadows where the light doesn't hit your face and highlight the ones that does. Give your face a natural outline by shaping them to a "U", a universally accepted correct face shape. Darken the ones that are in excess and highlight the ones you feel you're lacking with.

My face for have a big nose, so I applied the powder on the side, creating a shadow that flattens the area. I also have big cheeks and Round face shape. To diminish it, I dragged the contour powder onto my jawline and hallows of the cheek bones to deepen the shadows on my face. Giving the illusion that I have thinner face. My forehead tends to protrude so I minimize it by applying the shadow on to the hairline. In between, I applied highlight to better accentuate the contour.

Encouraging words from me:

Like with everything else, practice is the key. But first, take away the fear of looking unnatural. Contouring is actually very helpful in bringing definition to your face, bringing out the best in your features. It's accentuates your fabulous cheekbones. And it could minimize your flaws, like it did to my big nose and protruding and chubby jawline.

Learning how to contour your face also lessens the need for someone to do your own makeup. In the end, this skill can actually save you more time and money. Now, who says makeup can't help improve your life? :)

Share your contouring experiences (and woes if you have them) and let's talk about them at comment box below. Would love to help out with any of your contouring concerns! :)

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  1. I'm such a contour fan because I think it can really make a big difference. I haven't perfected the art of contouring yet but I won't give up! This post is helpful and encouraging! Thanks Ms. Shen! I just want to ask, how would you compare the shade of the Sleek contouring powder to Elf's contouring powder (the one that comes with a blush)?


  2. corinna nina16/12/12 10:14 AM

    Wow amazing review hunny i love it :) :) :)


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