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Have you ever bought a perfume just because you admire the celebrity endorsing it?

I blogged about Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume when it came out since I'm a really big fan of her. Well, not all of her songs... but after watching the documentary about her and her US Tour, I was... well wonder struck.  Growing up, she knew she always wanted to be a musician. The passion and conviction like that doesn't come often these days. Most kids now jump from one interest to another, staying on facebook and forcing their parents to buy expensive gadgets and clothes.

Taylor's confidence shows clearly in each of her performance and interviews. She was truly born to be in the limelight despite the fact that she wears her heart on her sleeves.

She's charming and sexy and I love how she balances those traits. That's why I showed interest in her latest fragrance Wonderstruck. Celebrity fragrances give insights to their personalities. I just love getting to know it especially if it's an artist I truly admire.

But whether you're a a TS fan or not, Wonderstruck have a few interesting notes that I think woman her age or women who are young at heart might like.
Top notes: freesia, apple blossom and rasberry

Middle notes: Vanilla, honeysuckle and white hibiscus
Base notes: Amber, sandalwood and peach
Notes are exactly what I think a TS fanatic would love, it's sweet with hints of florals and there's some strength in there. The scent definitely lasts a long time and rivals some of the iconic perfumes out there. Although I'm not a fan of vanilla, I'm not entirely iffy of the sweetness. Thankfully, the floral notes balances it.

I don't know if it's my admiration for Taylor that makes me love Wonderstruck, but I am besotted with Wonderstruck. And who wouldn't be with it's notes and vibrant bottle. Did you know that Taylor handpicked this bottle and it's charms? She did. :) And this is the first time that this kind of bottle is being used in fragrances.

I think Taylor deserves all her success and the perks, don't you think so?

And look, her lucky number 13 is on the box of the Wonderstruck bottle. :)

Watch her the Wonderstruck video, it's super pretty... Do you think I should recreate her makeup look? :)

What's your favorite celebrity fragrance? :)

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