Snoe Beauty Event: The Past, Present and The Future

Journey to Past , Present and Future of Snoe Beauty Inc.

From it's inception just shy of a year ago, Snie has grown to be one of the most promising and definitely one brand that keeps it's promise. As loyal client, I am just happy to see it grow and now giving us more products that provides solution to our life style.

A Saturday ago, I was invited to Snoe's last blogger event of the year and to indulge in some shoping spree to try the previous, present and future products of theirs. Jen and Gen, Snoe co-founders shared great news and a new brand that allow you to be your own boss, Love, Peach, Happiness and Cosmetics. Create soaps, lotions and other stuff according to your specification.

Aside from that, Jen reintroduced the Snoe Beauty brand to every notable bloggers in room (including yours truly). Although I came late, I was glad that everyone was very welcoming and made sure that we were very much entertained. Well, kiosks of SNoe Beauty products will surely keep everyone happy. :)

Am I right or am I right? I'm a happy camper indeed trying on different Snoe Beauty Products and of course shopping for their latest.

I also got to test some their upcoming products such as eyeliner, brow mascara, brow pens and more. :)

I love going to Snoe events. It feels like a great reunion but there's no catty fights. Only love for great beauty products and tons and tons of laughter! :)

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  1. hi love snoe too love dem! btw typo error ms shen i think u mean peace love happiness not peach! heehhe. ur post is long overdue inaabangan ko talaga to. love ur outfit n hair ( nkita ko s snoe fb page) im stil trying to guess wat rheir product of the month is for december! hehehe. can u tel me which among their items was d bloggers favorite during the event?

  2. Yay!!:) So kilig nung nakita ko sarili ko sa pic!:) hahaha!!:) Thanks Ms. Shen!:) xoxo

  3. love that pink backdrop I can't help but make a comment haha


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