A Royal Effem Makeover by Jesi Mendez Salon

There's always something about makeup artists whose expertise has been honed through and in a salon. Jesi Mendez is probably one of the pillars of makeup artistry in the Philippines. With legion of Jesi Mendez salons nationwide, he has truly made its mark on the Philippine Society.. a go to for those who wants to get their money's worth.

We all know that salons don't become famous overnight, they don't usually have PR or marketing, especially in the 80's and 90's. They rely mostly through their loyal patrons. I believe Jesi got his stardom through perseverance and hardwork and look how it paid of.

That is why I'm not surprised that Royal Effem cosmetics partnered with Jesi Mendez to showcase their products. Both who have high qulaity standards to offer their clientele.

Take a look at how I was made over with the skills of a Jesi Mendez makeup Artist, Mell Estoce using the fabulous and impressive cosmetics of Royal Effem.

Before and After

My makeup artist, Mell, wanted a challenge so he chose me. I had sullen eyes, really bad skin and well face that needs a contour til kingdom come. I was kind of insulted but heck, I wasn't in anyway in the running for Miss Universe so that's alright.

He started with contouring first before eye makeup application which was a nice change compared to doing it at the latter part. Notice how  my face looks darker at the 4th photo above. 

I liked that he went adventurous with the eye makeup. Royal Effem eye shadows seems really pigmented. :) But the star that day was their cream foundation to which I can't wait to get a hold of. :)

The look is easy enough to do to. Check out my tutorial on the blue eyeshadow look. I look like a Poker Barbie. :)

Beauty bloggers Angela of Lush Angel, Martha of www.TheBeautyJunkee.blogspot.com, Brigitte of IamBrigitte and me. The Pretty girl in leopard cardigan is Sarah of Royal Effem. :) Don't we all look ready to hit the runway ? :)

With Mell Estoce. :) And of course, another photo of his masterpiece. #naks

Royal Effem products looks incredible on my skin. I particularly liked the lightweight feel of the cream compact foundation and yet it covered my blemishes well. Mell also had a light hand which was a plus. I love that he made me look incredible even with really bad brushes provided for them. I tend to rely on good brushes to get optimal results in my makeup looks, Mell however really ahd years of experience to give me this look even with tacky generic tools.

All Jesi Mendez makeup artists will be using Royal Effem cosmetics for their clients and it will also be sold on all their salons. :)

Find out more about Royal Effem through their official faebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Royal-Effem-Philippines/246269075417261?fref=ts

Find out more about Jesi Mendez Salon through their Official facebook page:

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