YumYum: Thai Bistro at Robinson's Magnolia Mall

What was supposedly a laid back Monday (it was a holiday then) became a gastronomic adventure for me and my beauty blogger friends, Sophie, Tara and Jheng. We hit Manila's newest Thai restaurant, Thai Bistro, with an invitation to try it's lovely dishes.

As you all know, Thai is my favorite cuisine so I really can't pass up an opportunity like this. :)

Situated at one of the busiest streets in QC, Thai Bistro is located at the ground floor of Robinsons Magnolia, the newest mall in the metro. :) It's right across a lovely miniature park that is ideal for walking and taking picture. Enjoy the view as Thai Bistro has tables outside for al fresco dining. Great for the holidays when the weather is cooler. :)

Lovely art from Thailand decorated the place. I love the understated elegance combined with the comfy vibe.

And now on to the much awaited part, the food! :)

Choo Chee Roti  (Php195) is a buttered roti with curry dip, that started my Thai addiction. It was the easiest eat for picky eaters like me and I was hooked.

Herbed Roti with Spicy Tomato Dip (Php190), a spicier and healthier take on Choo Chee Roti, we were mesmerized by the dip! It's had a taste like no other! 

Mieng Kham (Php180) - traditional Thai appetizer. A mix of flavor wrapped in a textured veggie topped with chili makes this now a favorite. (yes, coming from a person who don't eat vegetable)

Soft Shell Crab and Pomelo Salad (Php395)  is  dish that I never thought I would eat in my entire life. As a picky eater, I didn't like squishy looking things on my plate... Not this time, I devoured this like there's no tomorrow. Well, I did it with poised and tried to snatch the last bite from my fellow food buddies.

Crispy Catfish (Php295) (still my favorite Thai Salad) is still the one that dotted the i's and slashed the t's for me when it comes to Thai cuisine. I can never have too much of the this crispy salad with the mix of mango shreds, onions and basil and a dash of vinaigrette. Yummy! It's heaven!

Fish Cakes (Php285), tastier version of f Prawn Cakes, this one has a familiar taste to it that got me dipping it over the spicy sauce. It's incredibly tasty and addicting. 

Siam Chicken Wrap reminds of Peking duck wrap but this one has so much flavor and texture that I ate it even without the lettuce. :)

Prawn Fresh Rolls (Php210), I still have yet to master the courage to eat this (as you know, I'm not that tough to eat too much veggies), I saw Brigitte, Tara and Sophie devour this dish. Making me regret my decision not to take a small bite even. This dish is reminiscent of  the Vietnamese cuisine where in the sauce makes the dish. It's one of the healthy meal in the menu.

Chiang Mai Khao Soi's (Php295) the pride of North Thailand. Rich creamy chicken curry sauce with crispy egg noodles made this dish a crowd favorite. You'll love the creamy and crunchy texture as you take a bite each time.

Kha (Php260), fried fish coated with caramelized ginger sauce that is reminiscent of  Tausi but soooo much better (well, I'm Thai-biased. sorry!)

Sala Daeng (Php268) proved a challengedfor us. Which wasn't surprising as it was painstakingly made as well. Imagine all the flavor of lemongrass marinating inside the chicken along with array of spices and flavors. What it reminds me off is a better version of chicken balls or meatballs. God, this is soo good!

Pat Pong Rice (Php285), as the name suggests is filled with spices and could only be experienced when you're in for an adventure. Glad we were as this rice mix is unlike any fried rice I've eaten.

Thai Gems are always a good way to start the dessert course... water chestnut with coconut milk.

And to end this gastronomic feast, Sticky Rice and Mangoes with coconut milk (Php210).
The best way to end our Thai journey.

I am so happy I went. Nothing like Thai food to help me out of my solitary blues. Thai cuisines always have a I can imagine myself revisiting Thai Bistro frequently, it's the best place to both unwind and celebrate with friends or with family. If your aim is ambiance, great food and good drinks, this is the place for you!

 It was a true Thai feast, our two table could barely hold all our orders. :)

Definitely 5 Stars in my book!

To know more about Thai Bistro, visit their facebook page:

Bon apetit! :)

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  1. During my first visit at Thai Bistro, I was actually amazed about its sophisticated ambiance. You can see different Thai related ornaments which will indeed make you feel that you've gone instantly to Thailand. The restaurant can host or accommodate 52 people inside, and 70 people outside.

  2. Cherry Mae Adraneda27/12/12 5:19 PM

    I love this resto!


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