NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program: Killing the Cravings

During my cousin’s bridal shower of my  NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program , I fell off the wagon. I ate about 20 cheesesticks, 2 slices of Hungarian sausage and a small bowl of pasta. Not to mention the red velvet cupcakes and cookies with all-you-can-eat icings!

The next day, I vowed to not fall off the wagon again. I went back to my NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program that Sunday and ate only cereals. I didn’t realize then that I was PMS-ing and my body isn’t used to my new diet. My hankering for sweets and such was brought on by major hormonal imbalance.

I didn’t realize that I had to be aware of these when I took on the program. When you change your diet, your body will crave for the things you used to give it and it will crave it so badly you’ll feel really bad especially just before you get your period. So I went online and found how to deal with these cravings.

Good thing there are some ways to sate the cravings without having to give in the way you’re used to:

1)      A little bite wouldn’t hurt. – A bite or two of a chocolate bar once in a while is okay. I do this as a sort of reward for a job well done at work.
2)    Exchange sweets for fruit – this is hard to do but I found out that this is better. At work, my officemate Mack would munch on apples as his daily merienda. How cool is that? As for me, I would reserve the fruit compote from my meals as snacks when my afternoon frapuccino cravings would strike.
3)      Try NESTLÉ FITNESSE. – I’ve tweeted time and time again how NESTLÉ FITNESSE Honey & Almonds can kill my craving for sweets, and even for salty foods! I love this as a snack.

What I love: Yogurt with NESTLÉ FITNESSE

I love mixing my new favourite cereal with plain yogurt. It’s yummy and healthy. Yes, I surprise many people by saying that. J

4)      Get rid of all temptations – Remove all things that you know are bad for you. Do not, by any means, go to the snack aisle at the grocery. When your officemates or classmates want to go to the convenience store, politely decline.
5)      Drink iron or magnesium supplement or food that contains enough iron – research shows that women who lack the right amount of iron in their body are more prone to chocolate or sweet cravings.
6)      Drink more water or tea – Keeping yourself hydrated and full of fluids can help with the sweet cravings, as well as detoxifying the body.
7)      Brush your teeth right after a meal – the mint flavour lessens your craving for sweets.

Now I’m back to my 2 meals of NESTLÉ FITNESSE and one balanced meal a day. It’s easier now that I know how to deal with cravings. I simply have to remember why I’m doing this… to shape up my healthy lifestyle. Like me, my body needs to adjust. I just have to be stronger…

Here’s to hoping I can make it!

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