Katie Holmes, The New Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"...Ridiculously, naturally beautiful." That's how the famous Bobbi Brown of its own namesake brand, Bobbi Brown, describe Katie Holmes.

[src] www.nydailynews.com

And I agree. When I saw on Extra that Katie Holmes themed up with Bobbi as the new face of the brand, I was ecstatic! Still am! Katie Holmes embodies what I think a true Bobbi Brown woman is. Strong, confident, independent and incredibly au naturelle.

Both born with strong features, raven hair and beaming smiles, you'd mistake Bobbi and Katie for sisters... It's no wonder that even with no plans to get a celebrity for her cosmetic brand, Bobbi made Katie Homes her spokeswoman.

This partnership just makes sense for me, don't you agree?

One beauty product Kati Holmes considers important is a blush! Whenever she feels she can only do one thing for her face, she applies color to her cheeks and she's good to go. :)

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