5 Products and You're Set!

Good morning, ladies! :)

I did say makeup should be easy right? If you still have doubt, here's another proof for you all! :)

This diagram (it looks pinterest-y, right?) makes looking natural so easy, you'll wonder why you ever doubted getting into makeup. Although I'm sure most of you who visit already knows much of these things, indulge me and let's help the newbies! :)

As much as I am a makeup collector (only when I have extra cash), I love it when I accomplish a makeup look using only a few products. I get set tons of products and I'm sure you know that not all of them I get a chance to use. But laying a foundation allows me to be a little bit more experimental.

The diagram above hopefully helps you understand that you really don't need a lot of makeup in your stash until such time that you think you're more adept in using other products. I love primers, brow mascara and plumpers as much the next kikay girl but quite admittedly, it's not practical to buy them all at once.

Take it from me, the never-the-practical beauty junkie! Here are your must-buy first 5 products and I tell you, you're set to whatever event you're going to! Well, beauty department-wise. You still have your clothes and shoes to think about.

  1. Liquid Foundation - choose a light one for a more natural effect. The idea is to make your skin look even. Dab this only on the red part of the face. It's nice to start from the nose and work way towards to your cheeks, chin and forehead.
  2. Powder - this helps set your foundation and is a great product to keep the oilies at bay. Don't forget to pop this in your bag for quick touch-ups.
  3. Blush - choose something that compliments your skintone and at the same time safe for everyday use. You want something natural. A light pink peach should do for most. Apply it where you usually blush or on the apples of your cheeks. But I bet you this already. I prefer matte blush as it stays longer on me. Or opt for a cheektint for a more natural look.
  4. Brows - Surely by now you know it frames the face. But if you don't, it does! A groomed brows is a sign you take extra special care of yourself. Choose a brow liner in the brown family. Not black as its harsh.  Rule of thumb: Dark hair = light brows; Light Hair = Dark brows. Got it?
  5. Gloss - a dab of gloss changes everything! I'm sure many of you agree. Besides, you need to keep your lips hydrated and gloss usually does it!
But just before you head on and start spending your cash on a beauty counter, here are a few tips! Click the photo below on post on how to shop for makeup without breaking the bank. :)

Have a happy Monday! Keep safe everyone! :)
Let's wish for a sunny weather soon!

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  1. Thanks for the very informative post Shen :) However the photo for the "guide" I guess the link is broken. When you click it it just give you the link for the photo and not the "post"


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