My 14-day Nestle Fitnesse Program: Day 1 | This is it!

Today, I start something very challenging. I joined the Nestle Fitnesse 14-day program! It’s a 14-day meal plan that ensures I have a balanced diet that will introduce more fiber into my meals. This includes at least 20 minute exercise, less sugar intake and definitely NO to softdrinks. (Oh, God.. what did I get myself into?)

But it’s high time for a change. And the journey begins today.

14 days of ensuring I make healthier choices same way I do with my makeup and skincare, with much gusto and determination.

Nestle’s 14 day Program is very simple. It may look very intimidating on the packaging, but it is really isn’t. It’s sticking to it that’s going to be with all the available food at home and restaurants near my office. It’s saying no to a cup of sundae, a bottle of coke or a serving of Chicken Charlie that’s difficult.

Here’s my new meal plan!

3 meals a day, 2 of which I exchanged for a bowl of Nestle Fitnesse Cereal, fruits and my favorite healthy drink.

Meet the Nestle Fitnesse Meal Plan:

A bowl of Nestle Fitness Cereal with Nestle Low-Fat Milk
A choice of fruit (banana, melon, or apple)
Tea or Black coffee
2 glasses of pandan water

Lunch: Should be a balanced diet
A half cup of rice
A small scoop of protein
A good serving of veggies (although I try to bargain with this one)
2 glasses of water

Quick Stir Fry Beef with Bell Pepper and Steamed Brocoli, half rice and fruits compote 
A bowl of Nestle Fitnesse Cereal with Nestle Low-Fat Milk
A Cup of Yogurt
Choice of fruit
2 glasses of pandan water

What I noticed with this diet?

It’s affordable. A box of Nestle Fitnesse is only Php99 to Php140, depending on your chosen variant. When I did my grocery, I only paid less than Php1,000 for several fruits, a box of Nestle Fitnesse Cereal, a carton of milk and yogurt! Affordable, right? At home, I try to stick with just fish for meat so that’s cheap, too!

It’s tasty. Nestle Fitnesse Cereal tastes good! I particularly love the Honey & Almond since it reminds me a lot of the Nestle Honey Gold Cereal. And the fruits alleviates my sweet cravings for empty sugary treats.

It’s for the lazy eaters. I seriously think this meal plan is the bomb. It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare and there’s practically no clean-up. I can do this diet if I’m single and living alone. There’s no hard-to-find ingredients, juicing or complicated cooking method.

I’m not in it to lose significant weight. I like my curves and quite happy with it. It’s the fact that I know I’m not healthy because I’m way too lazy to give my diet some attention. Taking on this challenge inspired me to make healthier choices, reduce food intake. As I write this, I resisted going down to the convenience store to buy a hotdog sandwich and a can of cola. Quite an improvement from last week!

Please wish me luck, ladies. Better yet, why not join me in this healthy voyage? J

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