My iPhone's New BFF: SGP Neo Hybrid 2S Case

Say hi to Duke! He's my wall paper right now. I was sorta PMS'ing last week and the only reason I did explode was because of this picture and your lovely comments on my blog. I can't say enough how great having an iPhone is. Tara and I were talking about how iPhone changed our lives and can't imagine exchanging it with outher phone units.

If I could get away with it, I'd probably want my iPhone naked but I can't. Next best thing is a seide- case that surrounds your iPhone to prevent it from scratches and scuffs without losing so much of the feel when holding an Iphone. 

Enters SGP Neo Hybrid 2S Case. It's a tow-part iPhone case. one is a silicon while the other is a hard plastic. The silicon goes in first and then the hard plastic that comes in variety of colors fit for the choosy you. I got the blue one to partner my blog. Hehehe!

For quite sometime, I have this bulky iPhone caase that worked well for me. But when I switched to SPG Neo Hybrid 2S for iPhone 4/4S. It felt like my iPhone was itself again. Because it's thinner,  texting and tweeting was easier.

What to like:
  • It's cute!
  • Not bulky at all
  • Comes in variety of colors
  • Protects my phone well
  • Comes with screen and back protector.

What I don't:
  • The ear phone and cable connector holes doesn't fit with some of my thrid party iphone produscts like my CaseLogic iphone charger that I got from DitigalWalker.
  • Expensive at Php1750  

I love the patent/candy loo of Neo Hybrid 2s

The photo above is how I put the hard plastic on. I start on top and slowly ease it in to the rest of the sides.

I think my iPhone is spoiled. What about yours? :)

TIP: There are a lot of iPhone cases out there, both cheap and expensive. Before shelling out any bucks over look for a case that protects your iPhone. It's still better to go for quality over style when it comes to your caseNo matter how chic and cut or stylish your iPhone case is, it it will not protect your phone, what's the point? :)

SGP Neo Hybrid ][s for Iphone 4 and 4s is available at Digital Walker, Digital Hub and Beyond The Box

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  1. kainggit.ang ganda. the most expensive phone that i paid for was the nokia 3210 (err, well, my dad, rather). after that, i only get a new phone (free) whenever i renew my cellphone line from my network. cellphones have come a long way since then. nakakahinayang kasi na bumili ng phone, tapos ang mahal, tapos mahuhulog lang. hehehee.


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