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Remember those days when shampoo and conditioner used for magnificent manes of horses became a fad and was used by humans? I did. I was actually one of those who got swayed by one of the SA of SM Health and Beauty store to purchase a shampoo and conditioner. So when Daryl of Black Beauty Philippines contacted me to try out their products, I jumped right on it.

I got a chance to try out some product range from Black Beauty. Unfortunately they have very little information about this brand but further research told me that unlike it's namesake, Black Beauty isn't meant to make your hair more black. Rather it will give your hair that much needed strength, bounce and shine same as what I would assume a horse's mane. 

Black Beauty Gold Shampoo & Silk Conditioner

These two are a great combo. I got the smaller sizes which lasted me a good week. The shampoo, 1 more week. Both smells really good. The shampoo lathers well and the conditioner moisturizes my hair.

I think they can improve the packaging as it doesn't relay how good the product is. These two reminds me how kikay I was getting in high school when I joined in the bandwagon of getting a shampoo and conditioner that isn't chosen by my home.

Black Beauty Shampoo with Conditioner (2 in 1)

It's been awhile that I've tried a 2-in-1 hair care product. I've stayed away well and good but I just have to try this. Although my processed hair didn't like it so much, I loved the scent. This variant is best for those with virgin hair who just want to give their hair a little more loving. BF took over this variant and he loves how soft his semi-kalbo hair is now.

Black Beauty Hot Oil with Vitamin E

Most recommended for those who enjoy changing their hair color, perming or rebonding. This is a great weekend treatment while watching your favorite noontime shows or gossip talk shows. You'll appreciate that this comes in tube packaging so you can make full use of all the products and it's hygienic.

Black Beauty Hair Cuticle Coat in Fix, SHine and Protect

If there's the basic care and weekend treatment, then there should also be a leave-on to which Black Beauty has it covered. Comes in 3 variant, they also have Hair Cuticle Coat in fix, shine and protect. I think everything are for all types of hair and it just up to you which one suits your best.

Hair fall and thinning hair will be a thing in the past as Black Beauty helps with strengthening hair cuticle. With this complete hair care range, having beautiful hair isn't going to be a big secret after all. 

Black Beauty is available in all major department stores nationwide. :)

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  1. I like the packaging lol! PONEHHH

  2. you know this is the first time i read a blog about this product. ive been meaning to try this eh. parang scary kasi, horse ang drawing diba? medyo expensive pa. would you know how much the shampoos cost? thank you!

  3. Maria Gellica Alexis David15/7/12 12:17 AM

    i like to try it because i know someone who used it and it lengthened her hair a lot daw. pero i'm afraid na it would be drying for my hair. i had it relaxed kasi and as of now, okay naman ung gamit kong shampoo and conditioner. it is moisturizing enough? i have thin hair and i'm prone to hair fall e. thanks! :)

  4. it works for me i've been using this product for almost a weeks now and my hair less breakage since i have very long hair it becomes shiny and add length of my hair.i bought it in mercury drug store the cost is around 500+ pricey but worth it if its for my hair. the smell is good.


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