Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saved by the Blue | Nail of the Week (Well, last week. #Lol)

Zalora's got some good stuff! Look what I found! For Php199, I finally found the kind of blue nail polish I've always wanted. :) Bright, true cobalt blue. :)
It's from Wet n Wild, called Saved by the Blue.

Can you believe that I ha a hard time looking for this certain shade of nail polish? At least one that is within my budget. You know me, I don't like to pay much when it comes to nail polishes. For me, Php200 is already expensive for a bottle of nail lacquer.... Unless it's really something I would use all the time. But for adventurous shades like this, i'd rather stick to cheaper ones.

Thank God for Wet n Wild! :) Paying Php199 for this uber chic Saved by the Blue was a no brainer! Just look at how gorgeous that shade it.

Head's up, though. I don't like the brush much. It's sort of streaky. But you'll love how fast this ones dries! In under 2 minutes, I can already do something else instead of waiting for it to dry. :)

You can get this at the beauty section of

Do you love nail polishes? Have you tried wearing blue ones like this? Share them with me by commenting below! :)

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