Pureology Hair Care Review & How to Choose the Right Hair Care

I know I don't give enough focus on hair as much as I need to, so every Friday I am devoting it to hair care, treatments and some tips and tricks I do to tame my frizzy damaged hair. :)

Meet Pureology, it's a very impressive hair care brand housed under L'oreal. I was introduced to this one or two years ago when Nikki and I along with Roan were invited to it's launch. Ever since, I didn't much hear about the brand except that I still constantly see it at major salons.

But I did get a chance to use their Essential Repair line. Unfortunately, it wasn't the right fit for my hair at that time since I didn't have that totally damaged hair so I didn't get to take advantage of it full potential.

Ask the following questions:

1. What is the condition of your hair? Mine is okay from roots to mid section but totally dry and has split ends.2. How manageable is your hair? It's still tolerable. I like to keep it in a bun or pony3. Type of hair? Frizzy and curly. Very very thick.4. Treatments you hair has had? Rebonded, Colored 3x since early last year, had bleached sections.5. What's your scalp condition? Irritated and sometimes I suffer from dandruff
This time around, I had people from Pureology look at my hair and recommended me Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner to give back the lost moisture from rebonding and coloring. Robbie also added Essential Repair Split End Correcting Treatment for my split ends since he saw how incredibly damage the tips of my hair is.

Having had a chance to try the Hydrate line, I notice big changes in my hair. It's a lot smoother, softer and my dandruff has tamed a bit. My scalp doesn't feel as itchy as it did. And my hair color looks much improved!

Discover Hydrate
Our Hydrate range is specifically designed for dry, color-treated hair. So if you have course, dry hair that requires superior hydration along with extraordinary colour-protection, then our Hydrate products are perfect for you. 
Hydrate features all of the unique benefits that Pureology has to offer, plus a few specialized additions. Our Jojoba and Green Tea extracts intensely hydrate your hair, while our Multi-Weight Proteins and Conditioning Plant Extracts further nourish your hair. With this one-of-a-kind formulation, Hydrate delivers a truly customized hair care experience just for you.

Hydrate Shampoo

It has a sort of herbal scent in it. The shade is purple which seems apt since purple in makeup theory reduces the dullness of the skin. I guess, it does the same for the hair? It has jojoba and tea tree. Jojoba which we all know is a great moisturizer while tea tree make a great cleanser with its anti-bacterial properties.

Even though this is vegan, the shampoo lather well and really removes excess oil on the scalp.

Hydrate Conditioner

This is the best conditioner ever!! It has earned my Holy Grail badge!

Robbie wasn't kidding when he said I would love this and he was so right! It's a mint base conditioner... and you know how I love my mints! :) The cool feel on my scalp makes me enjoy my morning showers. My hair smells so amazing that I keep playing with at work.

Another reason I'm loving Pureology...
  • It's Zero Sulfate - safe for the environment and retains color better than regular shampoo.
  • 100% Vegan -  made only from Plant Extracts formulated to care for all types of colour-treated hair
  • Committed to Sustainability - the packaging of Pureology is made with less water, complettely zero waste packaging (you'll get all the products until it's last drop) and it's 100% recyclable.

Best of all, Pureology really retains my hair color's vibrancy! I notice that people notices my hair color and liking what they see. Although I still have dry split ends, it's not as worst as what it was before I started using it.

Here's a little trivia about Pureology!

Did you know that Pureology was invented for a cancer patient? 

It's inventor has a friend suffering from cancer and he thought to create a shampoo and conditioner that doesn't contain any chemicals that can harm his friend's skin. It's amazing how beauty can still come into play in the most serious times...

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Pureology is available at all major salons. Hydrate Shampoo, Php1,095; Conditioner, Php1,395.

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