Charriol Show-off Eau de Toilette | Charm and Beauty in a Bottle

Young, vibrant and feminine. That's probably how I would describe the new Charriol Show-off fragrance. Designed for urban women, this fragrance embodies a chic elegance.

Top notes
The fragrance opens on a fresh, fruity and exuberant blackcurrant and bergamot accord, harmoniously enveloped in the delicate and elegant caress of peach velvet.
Scintillating, sparkling femininity, right from the start.

Middle notes
Its feminine core unveils an irresistible array of precious floral essences, at once glitteringly bright and divinely elegant. Violet absolute and lotus blossom extract, with a blush of rose petals.
The radiance of glowing, refined femininity.
Base notes
Amber, musk and cedar leave a mysteriously enveloping sensuality in their trail, for a voluptuous signature in dazzling colors.

The radiant sensuality of a woman whose natural elegance can be sensed and seen at first glance. 
 --- from Charriol

Whenever fragrance brand would call us to attend their events or give us a sample of their latest product, I am a bit apprehensive. Given that I have a super sensitive nose,  I'm not easily swayed by fabulous events or grandiose presentation. I don't even care if the perfume is endorsed by famous celebrities... What I need is to smell it first and with just a whiff, I would know if it's worth whipping out my credit card for. Much less, a review on this blog.

Quite truthfully and without kidding, Charriol lived up to my expectations! (Letting out a huge sigh of relief). There's nothing worst than being treated to a fancy dinner with overflowing wine and good company and not to like the product, I tell you!

But Charriol Show-off exceeded all my criteria when it comes to perfume. I love the scent! It's appealing, addicting and not at all too storng.. I hope I'm making sense here. I'm not good with perfume review.

I should end this post with that... but I'd like to take in the fact that I got to hand it to Charriol for keeping true to its design aesthetics on how the bottle is shaped like the classic Charriol bracelet.

The amethyst shade not only makes it more Charriol but for me, it's a classic shade that reminds you only of royalty and finesse. 

I only wear this perfume on special occasions. It's that kind of perfume that you reserve for important events or when you want to dress to impress. I don't need to bring the bottle with me since the scent last the whole evening.

It's also noticeable, the musk be the culprit. Quite surprisingly, I don't like musk. But with the combination of all the notes, I didn't even mind it. It's smells wonderful and totally classy.

In other words, lakas makayaman. #lol

If you ask me, I'd love for everyone to grab a bottle of this! But since perfumes depends on ones preferences, I hope at least I have sparked your interest to try/test Show-off out the next time you visit Rustan's or Charriol.

Charriol SHOW - OFF, Eau de Toilette spray  (100 ml - Php5250,30 ml - Ph 2950).

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