Missing my Rex

I am missing my little boy, Rex, so bad. We've gone through a lot when he was born. He's the biggest among the 3 pups and he was quite highaintenance. But we didn't mind at all.

Just look at that cute face! :) Who could ever resist him? I still keep coming back to this photo whenever I miss my little Rex. He's barely a size of a normal pillow.

And look at him now at 3 months old! He's growing up so fast and yet still keeps on getting cuter. He's almost as big as his dad, Chio! :) He is like a pillow now. :)

He's been mistaken for a Chow-chow several times already. And although he's a bully, he still has his sweetness in him whenever I see him.

I gave Rex to my dad and I think we madethe right decision. I think he makes the best pet for my oftentimes groughy papa. :) Hehehe!

Do you also have pets you miss? Lets talk about at the comment section below. :)

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