How to: Remedy Flat Pasty White Skin | L'oreal True Match Blush in True Rose

The Dilemma: Oh-so-flat-and-pale face.

Yes, we all have had those days when we applied just all too much foundation and have that flat white mask of a face. And we just can't remedy it. Or just that we are 

But wait... there's a way! (hahaha! I sound like an infomercial)

The Answer: Blush... a natural-looking one should do the trick of eliminating that pasty white skin. Choose a natural looking blush, just the same as the shade that your cheeks shows after a good run or when you saw your crush. :) This will give your skin a healthy glow. Just rememeber to apply sparingly.

But if your want to choose a blush really apt for your skin tone, here's a few tips:

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Asian Fair Skin looks good in the following tones:

Pink peach

  • Nars Orgasm
  • Benefit Bella Bamba
  • L'oreal Paris True Match Blush in True Rose.

Pink tones

  • Revlon Matte in Blushing Berry
  • NYX HD grinding blush in Apricot
  • Ellana Mineral Blush in Flirtation.

Peach blush

  • Tony Moly  Partylover Shine Blusher in 03
  • Venus and Mars Peach Spark
  • Bare Naturals Au Natural.

Asian skin with darker skintone tones will look good on the following shades:

Burgundy or wine tones

 Barry M Blusher in 143, Mineraux Mineral Blush in Plum Blush, The Body Shop Blush Cream in Grape or Benefit Box 'o Powder in Dallas.

Add-ons: Some bronzers and highlighters wouldn't hurt, too.

The trick is to giving your face dimension. You don't want a flat looking face, not in real face.. especially not in picture where people can easily post it on the internet..

So for those times that you ran of time to fix your makeup, adding just a tad bit of color can clear things up for you!

My new favorite blush is L'oreal Paris True Match Blush in True Rose.

It has just the right amount of peach and pink that I don't have to worry about my lip color. I've worn this blush with the darkest and palest lipstick I own and it pairs well with both.

It's lightweight, handy and it even comes with a brush and mirror for quick touch-ups when your matte powder just have that tendency to make you look pale and flat. The slight gold shimmer gives a subtle glow that my face has been needing and it really compliments all Pinay skin tone.

Whenever you think that makeup is too much, remember that makeup is just color... and color just make life a little bit wonderful!

Have a great Monday, ladies!!

See you soon!

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  1. That's a great suggestion. When in times of accidentally putting too much foundation on your face, it's a big problem on how to adjust the white tone to your original skin tone with the consideration of the other makeup you'll be using. It's also really risky to use these blush on because with a little too much, it's going to make a cake out of our faces.

  2. Hi Shen! I also have True Rose shade :) Love it too!


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