It's Friday the 13th. Yikes!

I didn't realize 'til I went to update my calendar that it's Friday the 13th today!

Do you believe in superstitions? What's the weirdest do you believe in? Mine not cutting my nails at night! I was told it brings bad luck if I do. Hahaha!

Be safe, everyone! Don't forget to being your lucky charms. :)

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  1. my circle of friends love to analyse every superstition stuff and give a logical reason out of it, and it was fun analyzing why in the old days people like to say those things they say. in the old days, they don't have electric, so they depend on gasoline lamps, so even that, they have limited sight, and they don't have nail clippers, almost like a scissor to cut their nails. that's why it's not recommendable for them to clip their nails.

    sorry for the long comment, but I just love listening to superstition stuffs and try to analyse the logic behind them, it's very interesting once you know the logic reasons of it :D :D

  2. mine, not buying needles at night cuz mom told me they'll gonna rust easily. and one more thing, i dont broom the house at night for it'll sweep away good fortune? weird but i did those.


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