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A Fashion's Day Out with Fashion Bloggers | Our Outfit Post


I finally got to hang out with Manila's most fashionable bloggers again at an event and I had loads of fun. Same as I am with beauty, these girls and I share the same passion and that is just plain expressing ourselves whether wearing a neon top or a neon lipstick. :)

I joined in in their outfit shot and this is what I came up with. :)

Aisa Ipac is probably the nicest fashion blogger I know. I remember her making me feel welcome amidst people in glitzy clothes and cold stares. She's down to earth, totally in control of herself and yet eclectically fun. She's real, girls. Hit her up at

Sarah's fashion choices makes me wish they were my own. A fashion designer/doting mother, she's definitely a veritable fashionista. She makes me feel brave about trying out bolder colors, unusual style pieces... It still needs some practice though. Have fun at her site at

Ana makes becoming a fashionista look so easy. Her style is approachable and seem easy to recreate, good news for us who can't afford it. She's such an inspiration and quite handy in her accessory venture. More about Ana at

Krissy is just a ray full of sunshine whenever I see her. This girl is full of goodness in her heart and a lot of fashion sense in her head. Little girls should try to be more like her. So go ahead and visit her blog at

And this is me. I'm not trying to be a fashion blogger or anything but I sure am having fun doing this. :)

Tiendiesitas tiangge dress, So! Fab peep toes Gera Online lace necklace, Club and Spade stack bracelets and Roxy shoulder bag.

Special thanks to Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, and Sony Cybershot.

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