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The Body Shop Summer Sale


The Body Shop is on big sale this Summer. You've got to visit the nearest The Body Shop near you and get your beauty fix with tons of tons of products on sale!

And these sale comes in crates!

The Body Shop commissioned Tahanang Walang Hagdan, a non-profit non-stock non-gorvernment organization that aid orthopedically handicapped peopleto uplift their lives with activities that would soon earn them a living!

How cool is that! :)

I seriously want one of these table and color them pristine white. :)

This is my small haul. :)

I also has my makeup done. The Body Shop is probably one of the beauty stores in the market that has so many talented makeup artist. Even Chuvaness pointed that out in one her blog posts. All of them are consisted on how to do the brows, contouring and of course making those eyes and cheeks pop. :)

Meet Stonehill or Hill, he did our makeup that day and I swear he made me gorgeous. I looked like a sick puppy when I came in to shop. Now I look like so pretty. (hahaha!) Please excuse my high praises but I just love this transformation.

He's the one who taught me on how to do wearable blue eye shadow makeup look. :)

So get those pretty little bums off that computer desks or couches and go to the nearest TBS! 

Happy shopping!

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