The Looks I Did at Shu Uemura Yume Advanced Class

Yume or Dream is exactly what last Saturday was for me. For six incredible hours, I spent playing with some of my most prized possession and then some more.... I attended the Advance Makeup Class at Shu Uemura Learning Atelier. I got this at a discounted rate from DealGrocer. Even with how skilled I am when it comes to applying makeup on myself, I can't pass up this learning experience. Acquiring knowledge from someone who is trained with Shu Uemura philosophy is definitely worth half a day of my weekend!

One thing you'll love about this class is that it is skin fit for Asian. Although Shu Umeura carries variety of shades for all skin colors (That why is Madonna loves this brand), it's because Shu Uemura gives precedent to Asian skin type. Lighting, color, face analysis and experience is also a big part of this class.

When taking the Yume class, you must have taken a basic makeup course as this is for those who want amp up their makeup skills and play with more colors. It's not about just technique and rules but it is about daring to go out of the box.

Our instructress, Miss Sharon was well prepared, well dressed and totally in control of the whole class. She's one of the first Shu makeup artist to give me a makeover which led me to purchasing my very first Shu Uemura foundation.

She was very hands on, fun and friendly all through out our lesson. She respects that we have our own techniques and patiently helps us when we're quite struggling.

Here she instructs Aina with contouring the eyes.

Our first look was to create a healthy glowing makeup (first picture above). For a matte-lover like me, this was sturggle. Tara on the other hand, got down this look to a T! She looks extremely glowing (see pic below)! Then we transitioned this daytime look to night by coloring our eyes. Sharon chose purples to me compliment my dress.
I used the Smooth Fit Foundation by Shu Uemura and it really looked good and truly nice even with my oily skin. Another thing about this class that I like is that I get to try different products from Shu!

Tara and I posing with out beloved Charm brushes!

The next step is how to create an easy smoky eyes. Yup! It was easy, think black eyeshadow!

And here's the easy smoky eye makeup look I came up with.

And  the last look was one of the most enjoyable yet nerve-racking part for me. Creating Runways looks and avant garde.

Inspired by the Celestial Garden looks, I decided to do a fairy-ish makeup look. 

 I used Beauty Pro Cosmetics Crazy Colour Palette! It's crazy pigmented!
Take a look at both our handy work of art!

Coincidentally, it was St. Patrick's Day last Saturday so my green base makeup look was so appropriate for that day! Tara's look reminds me of superheroes with the bold colors and all. She's a Barbie Superwoman! At least she was for me. :)

I really appreciate glamour and avant garde lashes! Oh Mr. Shu, you were a genius!

Aina created this super colorful look on her sister, Bianca. :)

Aina, Bianca, Me, Tara, Sharon and John! 
Graduation time!

Me with my darling teacher, Miss Sharon

You'll definitely learn a lot from the Yume Advanced Class at Shu Uemura Learning Atelier. The passion is now only fueled (even more so) because of this class. It has also motivated me to be more adventurous with my makeup looks. To play around with runway styles and do more contrasting shades.

Shu Uemura is quite a contradiction. His techniques are built around his imagination and creativity. And you can learn all those when you enroll in this class.

Hope you love the looks that I did! To know more about Shu Uemura Learning Atelier, visit their facebookpage: (

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  1. I love the makeup looks that you did Miss Shen!  Ang ganda!  Aw, I hope I can do a healthy glowing makeup too!  This is also a struggle for me because I feel my T zone is so oily and not glowing, hihihi....

  2. Ang ganda nung fairy-ish na makeup look. Bet na bet! :D

  3. Hihihi classmate pala kayo ni Tara! Both of you look gorgeous obviously had fuN!!! Aba, nagpagupit na si Sharon, I like her hair! :)

    See you girls soon! :0

  4. Ruth Santiago23/3/12 12:14 AM

    great job for being experimental! the make-up look nice ! :)


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