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Contest Alert: Want to try Garnier Pure Active?


I can totally relate with girls who are having a hard time with their pimples. I do remember feeling conscious and shy because I wasn't like the rest of my friends who have smooth skin, free from pimples. It took a lot of effort and changes just so I can enjoy a face that is void of acne. But it did pay off.

When I was introduced to Garnier Pure Active, I admit that I was a bit hesitant. Seldom do I come by over-the-counter products that really solves my acne problems. But the Salicylic Acid convinced me to give it try. Not to mention that I am a big fan or their Garnier Light Eye Roll-on and their BB Roll-on.

And with almost 2 weeks of use of the Pure Active Facial Scrub, my pimples have lessened and my face looked cleaner and clearer. And when using the Pure Active Roll-on, my pimple have visibly decreased in redness and have dried up in just 2 to 3 days.

Because of this, I want to share these 2 products with you!

Join this contest and get a chance to try this pimple buster, simply answer:

"In what way did acne affect your life?"

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Contest ends on April 6, 2012!

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