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Fashion | Reve Shop (Sweet and Sultry Collection 2012)


I told you once that when I was in law school, I belong to a certain organization known for its having both beauty and brains. One of which, Christine R. Santos, clearly proves it by passing the Philippine Bar Exam recently and now has just launch a fashion brand with her sisters.

They call it, Reve. French for Dream. I would assume that they christened it thus because it's been a life long dream to make into reality what was once just a fashion idea. If anybody knows the Santos sister and their moms, they are known to wear the latest in fashion. They have tons of collection of clothing.

But being fashionistas isn't enough. They wanted more.

Reve is as personal as it could get. Aside from their ready-to-wear collection that they originally designed, Reve can do made-to-order items for you. You can have their designs measured to your sizes for a better fit. And if you feel that you want something more, you can have Reve design something more unique for you.

Here's their Sweet and Sultry Collection:

And guess what, all their models are law students! Beauty and brains, indeed!

Check out more of Reve at their Facebook page, 

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