Saturday Scents | Elizabeth Arden's Red Door

Before there was ever makeup in my life, there was me playing with my grandmother's perfume collection. For a small child, the glasses that glisten in her vanity was very irresistible. And looking right now at the new Elizabeth Arden made me feel truly grown up, but still have that child wonder as I touch the the smooth red door made of glass.

A door have always been symbolic to me. I've had several thrown at my face. But there are doors in life that I've opened that led me to wonderful things. All doors are worth opening when you know you're ready for what ever is inside. When you've ready for the rain and the risk, it's easier to take the punch and for most, dodge it.

I didn't know that I grow older, my preference would change. Although I still like fruity and citrus notes in my scents, I find that floral notes entice me as well. Red Door smells amazing! I'm so sure that If mom was here, I'll never even get to hold this. I never understood her taste in perfumes before. But now I do. There's something relaxing about this elegant scent.

Top notes – Lily of the Valley, Freesia, Wild Violets
Mid notes – Red Rose, Moroccan Orange Flower, Jasmine, Ylang
Base notes – Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Honey

If you're not into floral or sophisticated fragrances, do consider this as gift for your mom or elder sisters. I'm sure they'll enjoy something so classic and elegant in Elizabeth Arden's Red Door.

Red Door comes in 100ml, 50ml and 30ml in all your favorite perfumery counters and Rustan's Department Stores.

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  1. Ruth santiago4/3/12 10:08 AM

    i so love the red packaging! :)


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