Majolica Majorca Lash King Collection Launch | Visiting the King's Royal Chamber

A week ago, I was invited to an intimate event at the 17th floor of EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. I have always loved Shangri-la (they have the best service among all Hotels I've stayed in Manila). So I did my best to drop by even if I had loads of work to finish. :)

The event was held by one of my current favortie brand, Majolica Majorca. The invitation says that I was invited to the Royal Chamber and the Lash King awaits my presence. How can I pass up such a whimsical event, right?

It was the launch of Majolica Majorca's latest makeup Collection, Lash King. The release of what they claim to be the best and the only mascara you will ever need, Lash King. There is also Blood On, a lip and cheek rouge that appears quite bloody on the pot but soft pink on the cheeks and lips. And lastly, the release of MJ's newest fragrance, Majoromantica Secret Joker.

The fabulous suite of EDSA Shangri-la seemingly transforned into a magical bedchamber filled with the Lash King collection and tons and tons of sweets! I swear, I would have taken everything home (including the bed linens and the Tarot Card Reader!). Yes, everything was so fancy.

The suite seemed as if I was indulging in an afternoon tea with the Queen! Cards were strewn all over the room, there were products for us to try, sweets I couldn't stop eating and books that guided us with all Majolica Majorca collections.

The pastry chef of ESDA Shangri-la specifically picked the desserts and sweets that were served that day. I love the choco bar with yogurt dipping that I think I had 4 of it! I was able to eat a red velvet cupcake, macaroons de paris, the sweet sugary concoction on the above photo and more! I was on sugar high the whole time I was there!

Had it not been a bad manners and well not the least proper thing to do, I would have taken home desserts and all the materials you see above! Hahaha!

There was also a fun magician who did magic trick for us! He's so good I forgot that it was a trick! I was very impressed.

Cathy and the team of Majolica Majorca made this event possible and I thank her for always inviting me to Majolica Majorca events.

The beautiful ladies of LuxAsia.

I have already provided my review and rave of the Lash King Mascara so I hope you can check that outs.

I am currently reviewing Blood On Cheek and Lip Color. Will let you know how you feel about this product!

Events like this are hard to come by these. The well-thought of details are amazing! I love that its intimate and that I was able to enjoy a few moments with fellow bloggers and still got to talk to Cathy about the products and our lives.

Having worked in PR, I have a new different and a better appreciation of events pulled off like by brands. I can see how much effort was given. I do miss being behind the scene and miss working the floor during event hours.

Thanks so much, Majolica Majorca Philippines, Cathy and the rest of LuxAsia who entertained all of us!

Lash King Collection is now available!!

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  1. YOU ARE SO LUCKY that you got to go to this event! I did buy this mascara yesterday - can't wait to try it out!

  2. The theme of the event is so awesome! :D


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